Sony Xperia M5 Dual

Sony Xperia M5 Dual

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  • yowie

I'm not happy with this Xperia M5. There are times when charging it's very hot have to turn off and then use it's blocking and the camera is not bright. I will never purchase again this Sony mobile it's not a friendly user.

  • Anonymous

Yup, this phone is a joke. Bad experience of my life. They did claimed their 5x hybrid zoom without losing quality is a joke. I did have this phone and keep constantly shut down (need plug in charger to restart). I sent the phone to service center for 5 times only they agree to replace me a new M5. After that, i switched my phone to Honor 8 and clearly it work much much than Sony.

  • Chizzle

This phone is actually rarely hangs,and the camera is very good..once you change the battery to a new one it work's flawlessly...yes it tends to get hot especially when you're using it while it's charging..otherwise it's a very good phone with goos features on's just a shame that it hasn't had an update

XperaM5Dual camera performance is very poor.

  • ngcmn

hadi, 17 Feb 2019This m 5 dual phone is very nonsensical and it stays constantly ... moreso agree. my phone will just suddenly restart/ switch off when using fb messenger to call. not sure whether its the battery problem or not as when I charge and use fb messenger to call, the problem seems to disappear..

hadi, 17 Feb 2019This m 5 dual phone is very nonsensical and it stays constantly ... moreThere are almost 4 years working flawless. It depends what apps you install. Maintaining a good setting it's amazing. Stop all the apps being admin and all apps with usage access, search for apps that consume little cpu and mem. Google is so to blame for its bad performance, stupid upgrades, stupid apps! Move all apps on SD. Its camera is better even than P20 pro. Sony please make it again with the latest x55 and with a bigger battery!

  • hadi

This m 5 dual phone is very nonsensical and it stays constantly and goes off. I am totally unhappy and sorry for the big Sony company that produced this model

someee, 30 Apr 2017the best for its price ... heating but normal like otherss... ... moreVery true!

  • i do much

isee that phone deserve to find the way to arrive to quality that sony need more carfull about thier customer

  • liel

bad celphone hardware this wont reprogram if has a virus.. cannot use anymore auto pin lock..cannot open anymore..

  • kee

This is the worst phone I have experience my entire life. Imagine going to their service center 8x before the warranty runs off and the problem persists - overheating and blinking the word sony in black background and not opening the OS while it takes a week to for their service center to fix it and the scenario repeats itself. I only found a way by picking the reset button near the memory slot so that it'll turn off and switch again so that it will boot normally (the service center doesn't tell anyone it could be as easy as that). The overheating thing is a serious one, I will not be surprised if this phone and all sony will be banned in critical areas like airplanes in the future... If you are considering this phone, you might be bored the entire life and you need some spicing it up...

  • Sharma ji

Hello Sony, why you are making this mobile ?why?

  • mhl

this phone not have usb mhl?

I had my M5 for about 1,5 years now, and i just updated to 6.0 marshmallow. 2 days after i updated the software, the front camera won't open and there's a notification says "unknown error". I tried fixed it using factory reset, hard reset, and also sony pc companion but nothing works. I also tried the wipe data and cache from the apps menu for the camera, and nothing happens. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Should i flashed it back to lollipop instead?

  • hs

In this phone battery problem battery life ia too short

  • Xhre

Dont like this phone at all. I have only been using this phone for only one and half year. I dont need more than half a year to shout, I want a new phone. But this phone is not cheap. So I must bear with this phone for quite a long time for me. This phone OS is bad, bad, and super bad. Camera very difficult to use. Dust proof? Haha my phone is very dirty in the loudspeaker, or etc. Battery? No need to say, one day 3times charging. The most disappointing is the OS is useless. Of all the phone I have ever bought, this is the worst and the most expensive one. So no more sony for me for at least a few new phone. Soon I will change my phone to the new one, but will not be another sony anymore.

  • AnonD-751064

THE MOST DISSAPOINTING I HAD EVER BUY. Oftenly black out when using. Battery heats up. If the battery was 50% before it turn off by itself, it wil be 20% left after i reopened it. Beautiful photos taken but takes a very long time to process it.The camera blurs when using auto mode. The video blur and cannot shoot video from far because it doesnt focus and you cant see anything. My advice is, dont buy this phone!

  • AnonD-742212

when is xperia m5 will have newupdate for oreo

  • Ming

My Sony Xperia m5 dual Bluetooth and WiFi is good but got something cannot connected like watch sport camera... I hope can fix this problem

  • AnonD-728209

Sense, 08 Oct 2017Worst Mobile everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Not water proof at all. If you... moreyes bro, i try to put that phone in the water on my bathroom and the phone is totally off . but I just bought it one day before. And then the service center is take very long time .