Sony Xperia M Ultra

Sony Xperia M Ultra

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  • RotteSmart

Sony u should have released this phone back then but u guys just wasted a better phone compared to an apple 6s plus/ Apple 7 i would have loved to used this phone even up till date quite unfortunate

  • Anonymous

With 4280mAh battery, this would have been one of the best phone from Sonny. Why cancelled the best...?!

  • Ashok

Whene it is release please tellme

  • Anonymous

Please read. It says cancelled. Read before posting.

  • sss

please announce the date

  • AnonD-498297

when release tell me ?

  • Anonymous

What is release date

  • Anonymous

I m waiting for this ....plz Release soon...

  • AnonD-678750

Are we sure that this mobile will be launched ? Because it says "cancelled"
I'm so looking forward for this phone, is way better than my M5 and I really like the M series. Battery is still poor :(

  • lakshkishore

Am waiting this phone

  • Anonymous

No doubt gr8 ph. But Chipset is less 652 u can use 852....... thats why price are looking high.... and more thing...plz add front flash too ....

  • Someevil

What about touch screen like a z ultra ?

  • Anonymous

i am waiting for m ultra


You Dear SONY push into the market even a smart phone equivalent to Apple Iphone, however, unless and until you beef up and improve the service to the customer, you are not going to have much market share. You need to work hard now to capture the market. Sony products are superb. I am the staunch fan of Sony for the last more than 25 years. Every gadget in my home is of Sony make battery to Bravia TV, home theatre, cordless phone, my xperia phone, etc. I am victim of their pathetic service after buying my Xperia z smart phone. Please try to understand the pulse of the customer. Sony already on the verge of dying. Please come up with good service set up and appoint good professional people who have good attitude and to have respect for the customers. Customers are not their servants but they are the GOD.

Regarding this phone, it would be ideal if you can make 4 G Gb RAM instead of 3. I am also waiting for this phone to buy.

  • sai

AnonD-667912, 08 May 2017Is it supports 4k 4k means

  • AnonD-667912

Is it supports 4k

  • AnonD-664671

I wanna buy it as soon as possible. please note that make the fingerprint scanner on the back side of the phone not side mounted.

  • Raj

so nice phone wanna buy it as soon as possible. just when u launch plz fingerprint scanner should be on back not side mounted

  • ravi parpate

I am waiting for this m ultra smart phone

  • nishikanta

this phone is a briliant phone and i am waiting for this.