Sony Xperia miro

Sony Xperia miro

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  • burnikology

im tired of waiting sony. =( i want miro badly. This phone supports html5 which is good less lag and less battery. The xperia 2011 are also good but i want that 2012 design it looks like very elegant.

  • AnonD-28058

we r tired to see similar out looking.

  • Xperia lover

Hurry up cant wait release it fast

  • ~shadow~

to all those who are crying about Adobe Flash... If you guys will pay attention to google's announcement... Flash player is not supported on android from ICS onward as the new browsers will work on HTML5 coding and wont be requiring any Flash player! this is a very gud phone!

  • Xperia lover

arun g mohan, 04 Jul 2012 check thisThis video is not correct . How can it be reviewed when its not released

  • arun g mohan­shtml

check this

  • AnonD-56684

Cryocontainment, 03 Jul 2012Is the front camera support native video call? Thanks in adva... moreI doubt it has native video call support onboard since similarly priced sony phones don't have this ie mini pro,LWW.
However u'd be able to video chat via third party apps like skype,GT.

  • AnonD-56684

AnonD-59752, 03 Jul 2012SONY XPERIA MIRO PRE ORDER PRICE IS £126 mean 8788.1353799... more£126 = 10816.14 INR = $197 = â¬157
I think u confused pounds with euro here.
8 k INR would be the price of tipo.
Btw Guys i have doubts that it'll come with the same pricetag in India.
Clove which is offering miro in UK on preorders mentions that "official price may vary".same happened with desire c which was launched at a lower price in UK £149 ie 12. k INR.But desire c came to india with a pricetag of 14.5 k so simple currency conversion way not give us the exact price.
Although i hope that miro will not be as overpriced as desire c when it comes to india though miro is much better.
If sony India can keep it's price to below 12 k INR when it launches in India i think it'll be great.

  • KingJuan27

I am loving it! Not bad for a first time Android user, aye? and it has ICS already. I am definitely getting one when it hits the stores! and I am also hoping for a JellyBean update! hahahaa :D

  • Xperia lover

Hey Guys,Do not Worry About the screen iphone3gs has also [320 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches (~165 ppi pixel density)] display and sony is the king of displays and also it has [LED-backlit LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors] while iphone3gs has [TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors] also xperia miro features bravia engine so i think display would have no problem

  • Miro lover

Jiya, 03 Jul 2012Hey hi i have purchased Sony U Now, and its awesome.I hate xperia u on.y 4 gb memory non expandable you cannot place more than 4 hd movies

  • rohit

it costs 16k if it has to be delivered to india frm uk for pre-order so better to wait till it releases in india

  • AnonD-59173

Jiya, 03 Jul 2012Hey hi i have purchased Sony U Now, and its awesome.Hey jiya u Purchased xperia u?
but it has ginger bread n no memory slot for that naaaa
u could havd waited for xpeia miro
it has these both features and is preety
less in cost

  • Jiya

AnonD-59173, 01 Jul 2012ya i agree with SONY KING this phone can realy kill some model... moreHey hi i have purchased Sony U Now, and its awesome.

  • Xperia lover

If sony accepts this preorder this phone will kill galaxy ace and other

  • AnonD-59173

Guys the pre order costs 05126 Which costs around nine thousand in india
this can realy rock the stores india
samsung gets ready ur ACE series will be finished soon!!!!!!

  • AnonD-59752

try the link.

  • Xperia lover

Guys check this pre order price £126

  • Cryocontainment

Is the front camera support native video call?

Thanks in advance :-)


  • Justin

we can order now at UK with £126