Sony Xperia miro

Sony Xperia miro

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  • vienne

Phone ok - internet US. Couldn't download a thing and it was sat on my modem. Not much good really.

  • good

I bought this phone :
Good baterry it last for 1 and a half day with full using
Camera is good , front is useful only on daylight.
You can play games like subway surf but only if you don't have a lot of apps.
You can watching movies but don't expecting too much.
And the sound is amazing!!!
Skype is working good and the speaker too .
I don't have problems with viber.
Go 'n' buy!

  • AnonD-154270

I think that this phone is good. (I have it!) But, I wanted bigger CPU like 1GHz Dual core. And I wanted the android update to 4.1, but Sony wont make that update for Sony xperia miro.

  • AnonD-154038

Very Good Phone From Sony.......Use It.....:)

  • AnonD-153963

plz help.... how to dlt songs saved in internal memory??!! I dnt see anyway.... plzzz reply asap....

  • nishant

nice photo

  • bittu

I bought my miro on october 12,2012..up to now no problem at many comments there is battery issue but mine is super fine and lasts for whole day even I use multiple apps.....i think this is one of d best mob in dis price

  • w3mann

_________ latest Firmware 11.0.A.5.8! OUT


better battery durability, better peformance, 180-230 of RAM everytime

  • Misa

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2013hey guys...Which is good?(Miro or U)Xperia U is better.It has stronger processor,HD recording option, stereo speakers. It only needs ICS update to be perfect.

  • sagar raj

its a really a good buy, dont go on rumours buy and enjoy every feature is quite interesting!!!!!!

  • kaiser

suddenly my miro isn't switching on, :( what to do???????

  • bubo

Orator, 04 Jun 2013I have been using mine since October last year, I upgraded afte... moreHow did you upgrade

  • appu

battery status is very worst

  • AnonD-150746

if anyone willing to buy this device my advice is please be patient and check the SONY XPERIA M
it's feautures seem to be great

  • AnonD-150746

when Im listening to music using Walkmen sometime its sound cracks??? have you faced the same prob??? pls help me to solve this prob

  • TeamAndy

Buying one of these till the new Xperia comes out, With ZR or UL would have came to UK.

  • w3mann

It gets extremely hot while using like a oven , around battery side ,,,




  • mahmoud

which better lumia 520 or sony xperia miro

  • tushar

Gonna buy this..

  • Vijay

My Xperia Miro got turned off because of no charging in battery and when i charged the handset wasn't on and Sony Service center staff blamed that the new hand set was tampered, I had to through the hand set in dust bin
Highly disappointed