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  • Anonymous

Man, i can't be... my xperia P almost 9 years and it still working. baterry still last for more than 2 days if it on standbye mode (it didn't even drop 1% if i turn off a screen for sleep). i can even use whatsapp and the camera still great too.

  • i love sony xperia p

best phone ever

  • Seyfo

i like this phone very much, i bought one in 2012 and still using it
only problem is my battery almost dead and it doesnt support 4.5G connection
but it is small and i like it, still working fast
i am thinking of changing the battery and continue using

  • Rick

Batangski, 12 Aug 2018Hi, I bought a second hand Sony Xperia P couple of months a... moreWorst phone ever in my life.totally wastes of money.

  • cYBERuG

LL, 30 Apr 2018Not possible I reckon, this phone is way too old the hardwa... moreConnect your phone to a MS-Winows (preferably windows 7) computer using a USB cable. It will install on your computer coz its in the phone. If not, download it and use it to update your phone to Jelly bean or Android 4.1 You will be fine.

Hi, I bought a second hand Sony Xperia P couple of months ago here in New Zealand, I insert Spark New Zealand sim and it works. Other sim is not working, so I think it's Spark sim locked. I want to unlocked this so I went to Spark store to request for unlocked code but when they enter IMEI, they said it's not belong to them, then said maybe Spark on other country. I don't know how to trace which country this from. I never had a contact of the person I bought from. Can anybody help me please how to unlocked this? This is a good phone even it's old. All I want is to unlocked and use it with other sim. Thanks.

  • GoKC

pm, 24 Apr 2018me tooGet it! It is great. Old, but with on board functions great :) Dont' have to get every update if it works.

  • LL

Zonuna Royte, 06 Apr 2018I bought a brandnew xperia p lt22i on October 18th 2017 i.e... moreNot possible I reckon, this phone is way too old the hardware is seriously outdated you won't be able to run newer OS I think

  • pm

MHRZ, 01 Apr 2018i already use it 😁 me too

  • Jai

GG, 07 May 2017Using it for almost 5 years...have to fell d... moreSuperb
I need that mobile

  • Zonuna Royte

I bought a brandnew xperia p lt22i on October 18th 2017 i.e. Last year it comes with Android 2.3 ginger bread but the software is so outdated that it did not support many apps from the Play store, so Please can anyone give me a sugession on how to upgrade to atleast Android version 4 or above, i will be very Grateful.

  • MHRZ

i already use it 😁

  • AnonD-718099

Best Sony camera midrange phone.

  • Gh.a

arong, 01 Nov 2017need help..I had just factory reset my phone....and the set... moreif rom dont support english, you need flash stock rom(Generic World) by flash tools (also you can use Sony PC Companion)

  • cave man

He served me well for 4 and half years.

However in the last year he decline, maybe a factory reset could saved him

goodbye old friend

  • AnonD-722610

i've been using this phone since feb 2013. it has a superb performance for a 4 yr old phone.
i gues sony really make a diamond for a phone that last this long. changed the battery 3 times though. heres youtube link for the battery replacement tuturial.
buy the battery @ lelong. and change the bettery your self since no repair shop willing to change the battery for you. they'll ask you to buy new phone instead.

  • arong

need help..I had just factory reset my phone....and the setting turns to chinese...can some one help me to return it to english please

  • AnonD-126047

i have this phone. i must change imei, can someone help me?

  • AnonD-695751

Sony always my first choice.Used 5 years already everything still alright.I still remember 1 months ago my lt22i had felt into the water and automatic black screen,I become panic and think it can't used already but luckily and thanks godness after the water bubbles inside phone screen had dried 99.8%,my phone normally can be used.

  • teta

nyaxaa, 15 May 2017poor batteryyes , poor battery not available in Sony show rooms