Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S

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  • ajsjjds

love it

  • kujtim zymeri

2020 and still works now it lags becouse it has 5000 pictures on it and around 250 videos but still king. only sony can handle like this

  • davy

hi am just asking for if i can get the motherboard of thi device here in kenya please

  • ernlbgr

2019 April , phone is still running . sometimes hangs , i have to restart it once in a day. All other things working ok without nay issue. Don't know when I will buy a new phone ? :) , not untill this xperia is working ok :)

  • Ehsan

It has face Id for unlocking phone, oh my God its brilliant!

  • Rollo

That was my favourite phone from Sony i used that until 2016 now the time is bad for sony but somehow they are keeping it in a different way still they are not adopting any notch or hole kind of crap and to me it is especial by the way i am getting interest in new upcoming Xperia X1 because it reminds me of some old memories that I have with Sony Ericsson now Ericsson is gone after giving us spectacular phones but i hope that one day Sony is gonna get back with these kind of devices!

  • jepoy

Cosmin, 05 Oct 2018Still arguably the best looking phone ever made, shame Sony... morebeen using the phone for more than 4 years now, purchased iphone 8,. gave it to my wife because this phone still working,. i like the back, home and menu botton not on the screen.,


It was Walpole, 16 Nov 2018This phone marked the end for Ericsson.y it end

  • RCP

after xperia s,still waiting for xperia s2...

This phone marked the end for Ericsson.

  • ernlbgr

lemmy, 04 Nov 2018how do I upgrade my Xperia s to android 4.1Download custom ROM from internet, I would refer "XDA developer forum" site , there you can find custom rom or sony released ROM jelly bean 4.1.2 version . How to update phone information will be given on same site.

  • lemmy

how do I upgrade my Xperia s to android 4.1

  • Cosmin

Still arguably the best looking phone ever made, shame Sony gave up on this design, I would buy an updated version with current specs and a metal body. And yes, smaller bezels are nice the same way big breasts are nice yet people always claim the latter is superficial. The current gen thin rounded notched bricks can't touch the overall design of this thing with 10ft pole.

OMG I did not notice the Sony Ericsson logo on the back of the phone until now... :D

  • Rumi

ernlbgr, 09 Feb 2018FACE UNLOCK feature is present in this sony mobile since 2... moreIt's true.

  • TelusDetective

Forget replacing screen. You guys are better off getting a Z1 Compact or Z3 Compact. Same size as this phone, but better/faster.

  • Sulthan

Shani, 09 Jul 2018This phone is so good but I want LCD od this phone pls repl... moreThat's also my problem ineed new display

  • Shani

This phone is so good but I want LCD od this phone pls reply how can I get

  • AnonD-716026

sagar, 10 Dec 2011"Adreno 205" is it a joke it should be 220.It IS Adreno 220

  • AnonD-754294

Abbas kerau, 10 Apr 2018wow!! i have mine.....Xperia S since 2013 i am so happy w... moreold is gold