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Sony Xperia SL

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  • dami

the hacker, 08 May 2021still using it from 2013 to phone everhey buddy i have one too. how's your battery life? mine is draining quickly.

  • the hacker

still using it from 2013 to phone ever

  • Mr mr

This phone was a disaster for sony! Was released 1 year after Galaxy S2 but was inferior to that!
I bought this phone around 2013 and had it for 3 years. It doesnt have 32gb internal storage. It only has 4gb and the rest is non removeable sd memory!
Comparing to s2:
Bad battery life
Very weak wifi signal reception
Low quality built
Inferior camera and flash light
Iower speed
Lower ROM and no sd expansion

It only had a better screen than s2
After spending +$300 for this phone and dissapointing experience, I hate Sony now! That's why they lost competition to Samsung.

  • Saikumar

Still I'm using that mobile. U ppl think it's a kind of joke.
But it's damn true.
Only once I did software update. Till now no battery change display speaker and even mic change. Best ever phone in Sony

This is the only phone from Sony that I have ever respected It's A star among all that Sony made in the mobile industry and will do ever.
I wish that sony and Ericsson come back to life again.

  • Anonymous

i have already used this phone on is a very good phone

  • Anonymous

The best mobile experience I have ever had.
When the phone damaged May 2015 I regret not buying it again sometime that same year.

  • prem kumar

now iam using this mobile its a great now but battery is low only 1500 mah and its 3g mobile

  • kevin

is there anyone who has an idea how can i solve this problem?battery is very fast drowning... can i solve this?

  • kevin

i already bought an original battery,but still it drains too fast..???

  • Bial Ahmed

a very good phone. at the begining , all was going well but now it do not support 3g. any suggeation?

  • haha

sree, 04 Oct 2017i have been using this phone for 4 and a half years now. i ... moreme too. i have been used this phone since 2013 march. i dropped many times, but it still works fine.

  • AnonD-716443

My xperia SL cant use 3g network. Its only can use 2g network. When i set into wcdma only, the signal lost. How to fix it?

  • sree

i have been using this phone for 4 and a half years now. i have dropped it on the road and it has fallen from my table and hand innumerable times...switch off and switch works perfectly fine. i have never taken it to a store for repair. the phone hasn't given up on me so far. Best phone i have used!!!

  • anan

probably the best phone i have used.
since 5 years.........!

  • vejay

DEV, 19 Jan 2017i have xperia sl almost 3 years running but when i open f... moreaam for me its normal because i think you overused it and all cellphone need to rest by the way my name is vejay live in philippines and i have that phone maybe almost 5 years

  • anshul

deb, 03 Sep 2016Hey Guys i am using this phone from 2yrs awesome perrfomce ... moreSure

  • Anonymous

I have been using it since 2012, upgraded to its latest platform JellyBean in 2013, and since working fine and great. I just need to reset sometimes and reinstall all apps. Still a great phone for normal use. If you need more than that, get a new phone with better specifications rather than try to improve its performance.

  • sbutch

well i have it for 4 years,and its immposible to use it anymore,it bugs even when u unlock screen.facebook and mesanger almoust dont work,battery is poor,and all this happens cause i upgraded it to jellybean

  • DEV

i have xperia sl almost 3 years running but when i open facebook , mssnger , whats app phone slow nd a error msg app not responding(wait .report nd close app three option showing...many time i update software but after one - two week later problemm is same.. dn know what to do... anyone solve my probs ?? thanks advance :)