Sony Xperia sola

Sony Xperia sola

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  • Abrar Ali
  • KIv
  • 20 Oct 2022

Hello every one i want to buy its battery can any one tell me from where i can find it?

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    • Alex
    • uZH
    • 01 Mar 2022

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      • aleena12345
      • 6Qp
      • 11 Oct 2020

      Anonymous, 21 Aug 2012yes u can :DYes, you can easily play

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        • sola in 2020
        • C9a
        • 31 Jul 2020

        still use this for flashlight /spirit1fm radio to this day..

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          • billys4u
          • 3A2
          • 28 Apr 2020

          Blackwatch, 22 Jul 2015your battery need change 2 yrs is good survive time for a b... moreI use it from 2012 until now the battery is still good like new and the phone never lag because i downgraded from ice cream to gingerbread :P that was the secret only gingerbread works fast on sola.

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            • Anonymous
            • nT8
            • 10 Aug 2019

            AnonD-650739, 07 Mar 2017usb drivers not working with this sony xperia sola, even fr... moreDisable trash system apps and install greenify

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              • Mtaz
              • mTZ
              • 09 May 2019

              Anonymous, 03 Mar 2017my bluetooth, wifi, hotspot; all of these are not working. ... moreBuy a new phone

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                • sad face
                • 0GV
                • 09 Feb 2019

                It was Walpole, 09 Dec 2018NovaThor? wtf... lolworst chipset ever but cool name

                  Where did the name sola come from?

                    NovaThor? wtf... lol

                      • L
                      • La Pluie
                      • HIE
                      • 28 Sep 2017

                      Anonymous, 03 Mar 2017my bluetooth, wifi, hotspot; all of these are not working. ... morefactory reset or flash official rom can help you

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                        • Genia
                        • 0nD
                        • 26 Sep 2017

                        i have this phone for more than 4 years, and its gorgeous!

                        yes it is slow in today's' standards, its clumsy, but man i just love it - the design, the touchless screen reactions (by the way do you know any other device with a screen that feels your proximity without touching it?), the OS, the music player, the way i can connect all my bluetooth devices with just one click... all it takes is a bit of patience, don't rush it and the device will respond.

                          • D
                          • AnonD-650739
                          • uST
                          • 07 Mar 2017

                          usb drivers not working with this sony xperia sola, even from official sony mobile website, pc companion nothing working with this sola xperia :(

                          anyone tell me how to make it little faster!!

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                            • AnonD-650382
                            • yAL
                            • 06 Mar 2017

                            the Chinese hand written screen on the Sony Xperia sola 3.7" smartphone ?

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • g3m
                              • 03 Mar 2017

                              my bluetooth, wifi, hotspot; all of these are not working. what shall i do?

                                • L
                                • La Pluie
                                • HIG
                                • 28 Oct 2016

                                I have experience v2 Rom and enjoying my Xperia sola. Just Root your Xperia sola and use ram expander app to swap memory and increase Ram capacity.

                                  • S
                                  • Sanju
                                  • bES
                                  • 19 Sep 2016

                                  Anyone visiting here , Just Root your phone and install Greenify. I love my phone.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 7Xi
                                    • 20 Jul 2016

                                    4582--, 03 Jul 2015need help My Sola can't start. Everything look good, when ... moreReformat it. I had the same problem and it worked trust me.

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • p2q
                                      • 10 Jul 2016

                                      Still using this phone i just flashed minimal OS from xda its run perfect now.
                                      Unfortunately this has bad gaming performance my antutu result is 11k.
                                      Battery is now ok but you can feel the struggle.If this monster has 1gb or 768mb ram i will be very happy

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                                        • AnonD-552862
                                        • IWS
                                        • 25 Jun 2016

                                        i use this phone in three years. 512 mb ram isn't is getting slow.but this phone is perfect. great touch system,great colors.