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MarcfromBern, 01 Feb 2018I've had my Sony Xperia since 4 years. First year with a protec... moreWhich phone did you go for?

I'm still using it ( bought it on 11/8/13 ) and the limited space is becoming a major
problem. Also due to my clumsiness there are a few dead pixels.
But it has served me well and I still love the LEDs.

  • MarcfromBern

I've had my Sony Xperia since 4 years. First year with a protective "wallet-cover".
then the "wallet-cover" broke. The phone fell on the ground around 30 times, and it never broke anything, even without case. The gorilla glass broke only the 31st time the phone fell on the ground, after 4 years of use.

My philosophy concerning mobile phones consists of trying to function with the same phone the longest possible, without being driven by this sick materialism which pushes us to change phones every 1 or 2 years and exhausts the environment...

The storage capacity of this phone started to become limited compared to my needs, and considering the facts that
1. the glass was now broken and
2. I've had the phone for 4 to 5 years,

I decided to get a new one.

I'm positively surprised about the solidity of the SONY XPERIA SP and was very satisfied with it. I would choose the same phone again if facing the choice same situation as 4 years ago.

  • Peter13k

My SP and I just celebrated 4 years together. Changed nothing not even the battery and going like the day she arrived.
No doubt not as fast as her counterparts on the market today, but very satisfied with her reliable service.
Might (sshhh) have a look at the XA2 when it's available


Anonymous, 19 Jan 2018My Xperia SP toasted itself, became unresponsive when I launched... moresame but even wheres all apps when i download

  • Anonymous

My Xperia SP toasted itself, became unresponsive when I launched whatsapp, stuttered and freaked out every time I open the camera app, the bottom lights don't work like how they used to out of the box after a couple of months and note to anyone who has this phone NEVER disturb the off button on the back of the phone it will give you nightmared.

  • K . S

kinmecky, 26 May 2017I have been using this phone with a problem that I've tried so m... morejust flash the letest kernal version of sony Xperia sp .....and done ....flash all rom u want ....i tried this ......and all my problem was solved

  • rea

I own this phone for 4 years. Everything runs well, but recently only keyboard issue that takes long time to appear, i think it's because i use another app for my keyboard. If you compare to the phones nowadays, XSP absolutely be defeated. But overall, what I like the most about this phone is its LED BAR that follow the beat of your music, and your notifications will be more colorful!!! I can't found another phone as attractive as this phone. I'm just a PROUD XPERIA SP USER!!!

  • arun india

i am using this phone since 4 year still. Too much time fell down this phone there is no probelem. Just now only phone have little slow

  • Anonymous

Left it outside in -30 weather over night when changing my tire. Found it 12 hours later, warmed it up and let it sweat, still works just fine

  • inno

good budget phone...mine lasted for 4years. I just got the xiaomi redmi 4x as sony and most big brands dont have great midrange phones anymore. Great Phone but 1GB ram is a no in this era

I bought it at 2013 and I upgraded it to Cyanogenmod Android 5.1.1 (v.7.0 is also available). It works fine, itÂ’s quite responsive and I feel happy because after so many years, I have a fully working, backup phone. Too bad that Sony did not supported it correctly, yet Cyanogenmod created many updates. How many new phones out there have the Nugat option?

  • Anonymous

1 Gb RAM is an absolute killer. I bought it 3 years ago, for about £230. For that time it was a good amount. It was quite slow from the beginning. Looking for a new budget phone now. I hope I don't fall into the same mistake. Thinking between Honor 6A 3Gb ram, Huawei P8 lite 2017, and Motorola G5S. If anyone has an opinion about which of these three would be better, I would really appreciate to hear about it.

Kianvash, 29 Jul 2017this phone was a beast in its time, but very bad software suppor... moreI have already kept this smartphone for 4 years already, it is definitely still working. But, with that SNAPDRAGON S4 PRO equipped with 1GB RAM, it definitely struggles since apps are always updating for the better which means more memory is used for smooth experience, this will make the XPERIA SP lag a lot. Back in the days the SNAPDRAGON S4 PRO was a powerful processor, now, it struggles to keep up on simple tasks like going to the settings, scrolling through apps slowly. Well in comparison with my Z and X series smartphones, the performance difference is big

  • kj

Mahigan, 08 Aug 2017Worst phone ever! I have never had such a terrible device in ... morethats youre opinion i like it

  • Kush

kumanovec, 14 Jul 2017Does xperia sp support USB OTG? is support usb otg.

Worst phone ever!

I have never had such a terrible device in my life. It has been slow from the very beginning. Sometimes trying to bring up the keyboard takes a good 20 seconds.

It's just a terrible device. Being replaced by a Samsung Galaxy S8 this week (waiting on it to arrive).


this phone was a beast in its time, but very bad software support and 1 gb of ram ruined that time, adreno 320 and a 720p display really kicked every game out...

  • Anonymous

MAG C, 22 Jul 2017Only found cm12.1 based srtyflex rom. No android 7 based rom yet?i have seen Nougat on SP
Google it

MAG C, 22 Jul 2017Only found cm12.1 based srtyflex rom. No android 7 based rom yet?i think there isn't yet. but there is android 6.0.1 versions though. stryflex ui marshmallow 1.0-2.x.

  • MAG C

xXENDER FREAKXx, 22 Jul 2017I would choose STRYFLEX UI mainly because this copies the newer ... moreOnly found cm12.1 based srtyflex rom. No android 7 based rom yet?