Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

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  • mv

Unknown, 14 Dec 2015guys plz help ,my phone becomes too slow ,i didnt update to loll... moreBetter you upgrade in Sony service center

  • Unknown

guys plz help ,my phone becomes too slow ,i didnt update to lollipop yet,what to do ?. did anybody give update to lollipop ,whats the condition now

  • Anonymous

My t2 ultra volume keeps on increasing.... N I can't use the phone well

  • ss

AnonD-1455, 23 Oct 2015yes for series Xperia T2 Ultra single slot SIM.Yes it's dual sim

  • Shara

I'm facing a problem regarding my t2 ultra... I am unable to hear voice when calling to someone... Or anyone calling me..but they are getting my voice on other side...nd I am unable to listen songs in my phone without head phones...but I am getting a ring nd other notifications... Anyone pls help me in resolving this..

  • Ravi

At the calling time voice of the other person does not come clear.......and we can't listen voice clear.......
So plzz give me suggestions to solve this problem......

  • Anonymous

Im using T2 Ultra and its great. The only problem is the front camera. It has a very a low quality. You can see the pixels whenever you take a picture. H
Thats all

  • Skg

I am using this phone from almost 2 months... Its really a lovely phone... But i have a problem that its front camera's clarity is very poor... Whenever i click a pic inside my room - it gives a very poor quality picture as all the pixels can clearly be seen on the screen and i can never click a pic at night... You should fix this problem. But seriously...u are going to love it. :)

  • Anonymous

i hate it.. its about two weeks now the phone got damaged and the safemode cant get off.

  • Jhay

Pls help me my phone speaker is not working on music

  • Mayur

Amaan, 27 Nov 2015Hello!! I just want to know how this phone is sony xperia t2 ul... moreIts a awsome phone i am also thnking to buy this...... Its display is..... Fablous

  • Amit

I think this is one of the worst models that Sony has Launched. Its been a year I am struggling with this phone. Got motherboard changed 2 times as it has very big issue with its Charging jack and headphone jack. Now my speakers are not working and i have to use headphone for every call. Please please please dont buy this phone.

  • Amaan

Indo, 28 Nov 2015When you need power for gaming n much better camera: buy x play,... moreThanks buddy for your suggestion
I think i should go for x play

  • mks

On my t2 handset Internet works so slow download also slow.
Network full speed at 2g. But works so slow
Plz suggest what should I do
I format it and gprs setting reinstall. Phir bhi slow working

  • Its meeee!!!

Superb battery life. Thenonly prob is most of the time the receiver is having a hard time hearing me. They always say thtmat cant hear me. And witb regard to messaging it always hangs. Logged. It takes time for the keypad to pop up and the messages too. Sonhard to look for cases to unlike Z series

  • Hello kitty

Hi.. can no anyone help me how to change font for viber and other apps?

  • Indo

Amaan, 27 Nov 2015Hello!! I just want to know how this phone is sony xperia t2 ul... moreWhen you need power for gaming n much better camera: buy x play, big screen: buy T2. Both have good battery endurance but when you buy turbo charge, xplay charge faster. if you insist on xperia: try z1

  • Amaan

I just want to know how this phone is sony xperia t2 ultra
Bcose i think to buy this phone
Firstly i just ordered moto x play but that doesnt reachws to me
So friends suggest me where should i go xperia T2 ultra or moto x play
Please give geniune suggestions

  • Anonymous

Lg G3 or Sony T2 ?

  • Anonymous

i just buy this phone last month the phone is realy good but i cant update my deviced to lolipop ,i download the update after that its reboot and there no update on my deviced it saying could not install what should i do ?