Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

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  • Rico

First let me say Sony did an amazing job with this phone. The 6Ē screen is great with gorilla glass a plus and the resolution, though, is 720 x 1280 come with Triluminos display with Bravia engine 2nd. If you donít know what this is I can tell you is brilliants just Google it. I always like a phone with something integrated in the hardware that donít need apps for it. In this case Sony build in a FM radio with RDS (this is the digital information that tell you the station and the song is playing) nice. Sometimes I donít want to play any music instead I like to hear a football game on the go, for all the guy out there this rock. The LTE is very fast, on my place it shows speed of 55 Mbps, but every place is different ok Iím very close to the tower. The phone also comes with Bluetooth 4 is DLNA certified and it work well with Sonyís Throw. This to connect your phone to your ďSmart TVĒ wireless. Throw content from your Bluetooth to your WI-FI, and I quoting from Sonyís specifications, ďThrow integrated into your Xperia apps, your smartphone finds the best way to wirelessly connect to other devices. It lets you wirelessly stream your smartphone to your TV over Wi-FiĒ Get it? I know is not new technology but is fascinating, just one click and you watching your pictures or video on your TV. The phone comes very clean with no extra annoying apps you donít need, but you need to look for apps you need, like the flash light. The phone comes with all the bells and whistles. From face detection to be able to customized the way you canít even imagine. To conclude I need to mention a few things before you buy this phone and later start complaining about it. The phone comes only with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory, and 1.4 GHz processor. Too have a prospected is like own a Ferrari but with a Prius engine inside the hood. You can brag about it, show it off, and it will take you were ever you what to go. I personal think for this price this is the best phone of its class. Best and good luck.

  • aaaa

is it double or single sim mobile??

  • AnonD-392023

i have this phone for almost 1 year now.. this is the best mid range smartphone for me.. beautiful screen, and can handle mid range hd game.

think that make me unhappy is external speaker quality is very bad,,, and RAM just 1 gb... but its ok, on lollipop, the free ram is 300mb-400mb

  • Anonymous

zam, 02 May 2015Hi guyz.. help me to choose pls....which is better c3 or t2?t2 is much better than c3 in display,camera,and cpu

  • Anonymous

sk_lohan , 02 May 2015Free ram just 15 mb or 10.. Pathetic stop dictating useless numbers here
sony phones never hang becoz they havr adaptive ram system...u open a automatically adjusts ram hangs absolutely..

  • zam

Hi guyz.. help me to choose pls....which is better c3 or t2?

  • sk_lohan

vc, 25 Apr 2015How much free ram after updating to lolipopFree ram just 15 mb or 10.. Pathetic

  • sk_lohan

sams, 29 Apr 2015T2 ultra with kitkat was one of the heavenly device i used ever.... moreLolipop update has sucked my t2 ultra speed.. Worst update guys.

  • Anonymous

neel, 01 May 2015i want to buy t2 ultra should i ???????????????????????? friends,for those who dont know,i have some cool facts-
u see sony uses the best quality quantum dot ips lcd(TRILUMINOS) SCREEN ALONG WITH BRAVIA RNGINE 2 WHICH IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD.i thank u sony for giving us quantum dot ips in a midranger like t2ultra-its so costly that lg gave the 60,000rupees g4 quantum dot ips this month only.THANKU SONY for making me enjoy my movies.

AND there is a interactive software in which a girl talks to u to adjust the phone properly to use back cam to take selfies when screen is away from u..

and music is as expected great!sound from phone speaker is not very loud,BUT ITS VERY CLEAR AND VERY OK!i bought a sony mdr xtra bass headset and hell-SONY WALKMAN MUSIC PLAYER IS THE BEST!

  • neel

i want to buy t2 ultra should i ????????????????????????

  • vijay

dhanu, 23 Apr 2015hallo friends l am confused in t2 altar and HTC 820. which i... moreme also i think t2ultra is bet

  • AnonD-390075

AnonD-260107, 30 Apr 2015If you guys having difficulties after update to Lollipop, please... moreRestart the phone to my phone will function properly? The problem is in the Lolipop update, I do not think it would be OK to restart :/

  • syed

AnonD-260107, 30 Apr 2015If you guys having difficulties after update to Lollipop, please... moreDo you think that would work??? :/
As I've updated my OS to lollipop it's hanging too much, the system runs to damn slow. Are you sure if I reset the phone it'll work good?

  • Aanex

has anyone in Nigeria gotten the Lollipop update?

  • raju

spr cam, exlnt performance

  • AnonD-260107

If you guys having difficulties after update to Lollipop, please reset your phone.
SONY always recommend to do a clean install which means, reset your phone and update the system :)

  • pankaj

Worst mobile ever, camera is very poor, every time hangs when Walkman is used.

  • Jitu

Overall T2 is an average phone...does everything but excels in no area. The latest update to upgrade to Lollypop takes the phone from average to PATHETIC.

Even a simple function like calling a number from your contact takes close to 15 seconds...Not sure if it is the phone or the OS. Just as 3xpected the showroom guys Are absolutely unhelpful.

  • Anis Rahman india

AnonD-389899, 29 Apr 2015When the android lollipop update for Malaysia user ?Guys don't upgrade yoir phone to lollipop,
Its hanging problem and battery drain,
Every activity Lake 10 seconds.

Another phone also hitting.....

  • sams

AnonD-389989, 25 Apr 2015I want to updapte to lollipop is it working fine Or not Plzzz ... moreT2 ultra with kitkat was one of the heavenly device i used ever..but never ever update it to lollipop and you will suffer for sure.