Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

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  • Anonymous

it's a great phone. i'm so excited with both performance and design of T2U. í ½í±í&­nbsp;½í±

  • raj trivedi

Its a gr8 phone which have large screen... also have best battery performance ever in android mobile have... and the rear camera quality is awesome... if anyone want to buy an branded mobile in 24k then ... its a good deal .... i m impressed from the phone... get it

  • Herry johan

Robin samuel, 05 Jan 2015every time it automotacally generates thumbnails for all the son... moreevery android phones do that.

  • AnonD-257122

Viju, 07 Jan 2015Is it realy worthy for 24...Well, for me it's a good phone, if you want a big screen phone for watching videos or playing games then it's perfect in terms of battery which is really awesome, call quality is great, speaker is not that loud, camera is pretty good (but not as good as Z2/Z3), front camera is ok, does the job for Skype, it's sleek & a bit light considering the size, memory is only 8GB but you can move apps & games to sd card with the latest 4.4.3 update. Rest is upto you to decide afterall it's your money & decision, simply visit a store and check it out and other brands too (for 24) if you have any on your mind.

  • Viju

AnonD-257122, 04 Jan 2015What do you mean by that? Just download skype or viber from play... moreIs it realy worthy for 24...

  • shaan

Eldamri, 05 Jan 2015Which is better htc 816 or this T2 Ultra? I prefer htc 816

  • AnonD-257122

This phone has a looooooong battery life.

  • AnonD-348943

I have purchased a Sony Xperia T2 Ultra. By mistake in my mobile contact has merge in a separate folder. I want to make the contact separated from the folder and want to place the contact to my home screen. Please help me.

  • Robin samuel

every time it automotacally generates thumbnails for all the songs in my mobile which comes up in gallery, and i need to remove then again and gain and they keeps on comming up again and again....can any one help me

  • AnonD-348758

may i know between c3 and this phone which one is better on front and rear camera and performance? please i need !

  • ManMan

May i know which is better? Please for camera and performance. i decide to buy sony xperia c3 or t2 ultra. please i need opinions help me !

  • Eldamri

Which is better htc 816 or this T2 Ultra?

  • AnonD-257122

jin, 05 Jan 2015how do i upgrade from jellybean to kitkat please help me. thank youI already did that when i bought this phone via wi-fi,it was ready for download (4.4.3) after this update you can move apps to sd card.

  • me

i plan tu swap my note 8 with T2 Ultra...can anyone advice me? it is ok to change it?

  • jin

how do i upgrade from jellybean to kitkat please help me. thank you

  • Anonymous

Anyone who have successfully rooted this device?

  • Anonymous

Camera quality is very bad specially front camera and in rear camera the flash problem is there in every phones the problem is same most imp thing you cant do video calling from the phone and the customer care will not tell you this totally hate this phone please dont buy this phone if you want to buy take mine

  • AnonD-257122

Johnno, 03 Jan 2015I beg to differ that it's a COMPLETE phone as you put it. It's a... moreWhat do you mean by that? Just download skype or viber from playstore & start doing video calls, simple!

  • crysis1987

video call? ??

  • mahendra shah

Beautiful phone. Battery life fantastic. Front camera gives sharp pics. On the whole a good buy. Highly recomeded for all ametures.