Sony Xperia T2 Ultra dual

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra dual

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  • Vijay

The charging takes more time and battery backup is very bad even in stamina mode..I have upgraded to lollipop 1 month starting I have not faced this kind of problem..making a call takes more time..after clicking a number it takes atleast 3 sec to open the sim (in dual sim)..let's wait for 5.1 update...let we see whether it ll solve al these problems..

  • Anonymous

dear potential buyer, this phone is already dated and the cpu and gpu cant take the high processing android5.0 so if you want new phone buy xperia m4 or c4... maybe ittl improve on android 5.1 later in july and lets hope sony doesnt messed up with the update.

  • buddy

JJimmy , 12 Jun 2015I can't hear voice clearly during call.. Let me know about it... Plz Same here what to do

  • Kunal

Updated lollipop version became super slow....then I updated lollipop from service centre now it is super plz update it from service centre only....


abhishek, 16 May 2015Plzzzzzz resolve this problm....t2 ultra lags lyk 256mb ram..als... moreYes i also experience it starts to hang like a crap mainly in games even small games are hanging and also games like sanandreas are lije photo slideshow and the problem is caused by the RAM .there is some problem in RAM .I hope sony will fix it soon!!!!!!

  • JJimmy

I can't hear voice clearly during call.. Let me know about it... Plz

  • Anonymous

T2 ultra is useless phone,,,it's completely frau.charging such a high price and company is befooling customers. Sound quality is so inferior. 4 times gone to service centre..mother board changed,,still not better.I vl go to consumer court for its recovery,, v r not idiots,,this company should be stopped for selling such kind of pethatic phones,,feeling like throwing into dustbin

  • venky

I updated my t2 dual today, frst it becomes slow and hangs a lot but after factory data rest my phone becomes very fast...
So whoever is suffering from hanging please reset u r mobile and see the difference....

  • meow

ajsn, 27 May 2015reset your phoneHow do i reset it? Please help me i have the same oroblem with anonymous..pls

  • bala

After the Lollipop update mobile has become very slow. Is there a way to restore Kitkat version?

  • pratik

I using this phone since 2 month bt I does not update loly pop it's working nicely

  • unknown

After update to lollipop, dailer became too slow. For dual sims it becomes more irritating as it takes too many seconds to open sim calling options.

  • harshit

hesham, 07 Jun 2015Dear all T2 ultra dual users. Do you also suffer as me from LOL... moreCalling slowly compared by 4.4 Kitket

  • sanjeev tomar

T2 ultra is too good. But after update it goes slow.. Specially dialer.. Itz very irritating when you have to dial a contact.

  • hesham

Dear all T2 ultra dual users.
Do you also suffer as me from LOLLIPOP update.
I updated my phone like 10 days ago, and i made format factory.
The battery is better, but by time it became too slow.
i can wait for several seconds just to open the dialer and chose the name and wait till the choosing between the 2 lines till it appears and i may have to press the name several times.
some programs also become too slow opening it. Also some good features gone, and other became worse while it was good before, such as i used to press the wi fi from the upper menu to go to wi fi settings or bluetooth now i have to go to settings first
I really love my phone and don't want to change it, hopping Sony can fix that soon or i may think of Lenovo P70 better battery and lighter with good price.
What do you think T2 users?

  • Anonymous

please tell me how can I uninstall lollipop version t2 ultra dual phone please tell me yaar

  • sathish

My t2ultra lollipop update very solw friends

  • Anonymous

how can I uninstall lollipop version please tell me.... and its not possible to uninstall I'll sell my phone and I will take a Sony mobile and I will tells to my frds also don't take a Sony mobiles

  • navi

how can I uninstall lollipop version please tell me.....its very very very bad version it's not possible to uninstall I'll sell my phone and not taking to Sony mobile and tells all my friends don't take sony mobiles

  • AnonD-55526

Hello Friends... It is good phone I have been using this phone since May 2015. Battery backup is better than other phones....