Sony Xperia T2 Ultra dual

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra dual

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  • Ahmad

I bought t2 ultra last week.. I've noticed that the white is a bit yellowish compared to my brother's t2 ultra. is it an issue or it's normal?! I was happy, but now I'm so depressed!!
p.s other colors are great and same on both phones.. but you know when you use Facebook, Whatsapp or browsing the net you'll notice that.

  • Omar

Malaz, 30 May 2015I am also suffered from touch screen while charging, plz HelpIt is not an issue its just the electricity ..
Don't worry your phone is working good
I have tried the charging issue in more than one mobile and the same thing happened
So i belived that its happen by electricty only

  • JP Hao

Best Phone for Me

  • Arjun

I cant update lollipop 5.2 version my phone hanged and not responding please fix it.

  • shashank

All of u guys who are having problems after updating to lollipop pls note that after update u should reset ur phone to make it work better and experience the flavour of lollipop

  • Malaz

I am also suffered from touch screen while charging, plz Help

  • Malaz

Mokhtar, 13 May 2015anyone suffer from screen touch while charging? it doesn't resp... moreyes I suffer from this problem,what we can do??

  • Eshwar

I updated last week lollypop 5.0.2, after updation my mobile always restarting, please any one help me to downgrade andriod kikat or jelly bean of my mobile, its really irritating,

  • AnonD-400745

updated d5322 to 5.0.2 and lost sound on earpiece and music unless i use earphones now i cant communicate.any solutions to this?

  • AMD

I've tried upgrading my phone to lollipop yesterday but it kept telling me my internal memory is 600 MB while it is actually over 2.00 GB. Have anyone encountered this problem or knows how to fix it?

One more thing; the screen loses it's accuracy and sensitivity while charging, as many of you have noticed. The Sony original charger gives an output current of 850ma,I used an original charger of another company that supplies 700ma output current and the problem was fixed.

Finall. Is there an easy way to root this device without unlocking the bootloader?

  • abhi

superb phone b'coz i feel comfortable by using it. it is amazing.

  • ajsn

Anonymous, 27 May 2015t2 is awesome cell for me but after lollipop upgrade my mobile d... morereset your phone

  • Anonymous

t2 is awesome cell for me but after lollipop upgrade my mobile data is not working

  • AnonD-399749

Few people here are reporting faster mobile after updating to Lollipop, same was the case with me, I updated it a month-and-a-half ago, But now it is not the case... Now it is laggy and slow, battery life is pathetic after stamina mode.

  • AnonD-399749

After Lollipop update, it is worse. Earlier it used to give 2 days of battery after heavy gaming, browsing, music, camera, calls.
But now I just get one day, and it is lagging sometimes as well as the camera closes. It is hard to receive calls and making a call takes more time seriously, clicking on the contact takes 5-6 secs, sometimes 10 seconds to call. Sony shall fix this with updates. Come on Sony, it is not that hard, it can be easily done by a company like Sony.

  • AnonD-399749

bruce Wayne, 24 May 2015guyz which is better t2 ultra or z ultraGo for Ultra Z, it is cheaper now everywhere, even compared to T2 ultra. The only thing Z ultra does not have is camera Flash, other than that it is twice powerful device than T2.

  • AnonD-399741

Frustrating experience with T2 ultra....customer support and their servicing team also not cooperating..... the display of my mobile damaged automatically without any physical or liquid damage .....their not a single scratch on my mobile still their service center team forcefully void my warranty.....I purchased this mobile only 6 months back still they people are not accepting the fault of their product.......rather then accepting their fault they people forcefully prepare a invoice where they mention warranty void.......I don't understand why survive when defect is in their product quality.....Instead of accepting their fault they given us the estimation of repairing my mobile 10000/-Rs.When we are sending them mail they are least bother to reply that mail.I mailed them twice or thrice.Is this a justice?.............Please if anyone have the contact details of their senior authorities then please let me know it's my humble request.........because this can happen with you also...........I am going to take a legal action with the help on CNBC channel and consumer forum...........Can anyone please help me how can we proceed with CNBC and consumer forum?.

  • JNR

I recently updated to lollipop and the t2 ultra has a major lag!!akes like 3 seconds when a call comes in to display who is calling...transition between apps takes forever...Sony please take care of this

  • tamesh

previously its so good but after 5.0 update its worst and lags every time. is there any solution.

  • Anonymous

Hi frendz i wanna buy this phone does still kitkat update is available for it .