Sony Xperia T2 Ultra dual

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra dual

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  • Anonymous

i wnt to buy these phone

  • Sammy_ambushp

I completely agree with wat arup has mentioned below about this phone. So unhappy owners please wait till the update release. Other's don't even think to buy this handset now until the new update release.

  • Sammy_ambushp­-open-source-archives/open-source-archive-for-bu­ild-19-0-d-0-269/
The update is coming soon. So guys please buy this phone only after the review of kitkat update until den please don't buy this phone.

  • sushil

I want to buy this phone....
Today I visited to store it's looks great but I have confusions so all of u who are using this phone kindly suggest.......

  • Anonymous

Shashank, 09 May 2014what is the difference in camera between z1 and t2 ultra. Z1 has 20MP camera while T2 has 13MP camera, both phone is great in performance camera.

  • Anonymous

Ali, 09 May 2014I bought this phone yesterday, had to return it after I discover... moreI'm happy with Xperia T2 Ultra, but I agree that speaker very low and accessories that Sony give really bad. I think you should go with OnePlus One, if I have alot money I would buy it too :D

  • Shashank

what is the difference in camera between z1 and t2 ultra.

  • Ali

I bought this phone yesterday, had to return it after I discovered a problem with the internal stereo jack, the dealer promised a new one next Sunday due to unavailabilty, first impressions:

The good:

Good screen
Nice lightweight device
Excellent battery performance

The bad

Awful external speaker (below average quality & low output)
Obvious that some cheap materials are used (SIM card holders & SD covers)
Low level handset included ( the worst in Sony history )
450$ is not a Bargain price ( at least more respectable packaging should have been included )

I appreciate your opinions if I should keep this phone or get another one, knowing that I don't wanna exceed the budget above as am planning to buy the (onePlus one) in the next summer, thanks

  • to

Shekhar, 08 May 2014Is kitkat 4.4 available for this phone t2 ultraYes, sony already confirmed it

  • hades

Any protection on the screen?

  • Shekhar

Is kitkat 4.4 available for this phone t2 ultra

  • Anonymous

AnonD-250391, 03 Apr 2014Preet ji pls tell is it 4g or only 3g which chip set Sony used ... moreT2 is simply :-O

  • Anonymous

arup, 08 May 2014Dear buyers/friends I am using T2 Ultra more than two months, T... moreThe display was amazing man. I watch youtube videos and it good, maybe u need new eyes. 200mb ram , wtf? I have alot of installed app and always free about 350-420 ram. Camera, maybe this camera bit suck not like sony advertised but the camera quality is very good in good light condition. Drop call? Meh i hva eused this phone for many call and never drop. You must root to transfer to sd card, don't be so lazy, go root man. Sound quality maybe low but it amazing if u using goof earphone. And last thing, if want perfect phone it all up to how u think. Want better spend more.

  • arup

Dear buyers/friends
I am using T2 Ultra more than two months, This phone does not match any of its specification as Sony declares, this phone is looking beautiful but afer using it dailylife you will get noticed of its software bugs full on this handsets, Camera is not Exmor quality just like VGA/3 megapixel, Sound is very low, call & networks drop freequently, DIsplay is looking crisp but when you playing youtube videos HQ the display not looks better as Bravia engine only works with system videos/ photos,, always 200mb ram you get free,, I have no games/softwares installed,only have whatsapp & facebook. Apps are not transferrable to SD Card,only battery performance is well. dual window/mustitasking not avaiable. supplied headphone is cheap quality. not a value for money product & not suggest to buy anyone.

  • Eadyl

Speaker volume while playing music is very low :(

  • sunny

Kumar, 30 Apr 2014Friends when u make a video in night time,there is no Flash,is i... moreNo there is option 4 fill flash so u can add flash

  • sunny ss

Pranay, 30 Apr 2014Guysss... please let me know that, can transfer apps to SD card ... moreDownload app2sd from play store

  • Mallik

AnonD-260794, 05 May 2014how is the audio output quality for headphones in T2 ultra dual ... moreThe OEM head phones supplied with the box are not good. I am using JBL J01 head phones and the sound is amazing. Even the ringtones also thrill you...!

  • sunny ss

Amrinder, 01 May 2014Non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery??? kindly elaborateIt means you can't pick it off from mobile unlike other phones(old)

  • sunny ss

AnonD-256011, 01 May 2014Internal storage is 8GB.Please check. That is more than enough ... moreIt depends on the apps that u have stored and it is better to download app2sd app from play store