Sony Xperia T LTE

Sony Xperia T LTE

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  • Pitchwisse

I remember buying this phone in 2013, when the price dropped down. Even though it was a year old, my God, it was an absolute monster of a phone when compared to the competition. Nowadays I rock the Xperia 5, always used Sony phones, never was disappointed.

Was a superb phone back in 2012, and still working today with a few issues. Sony had a good product back then.

  • BleurdeuR

Not bad for a 5 year old model. Solid build and great set up. LTE speeds are amazing. Loudspeaker is quite low and as for the battery...never mind. Almost all built in models are a let down. Great interface and killer camera, still beats the crap out of the majority current models.

  • Lol dogreviews haha

Sick phone, nice swipe text and facial recognition to unlock phone is good: but all u need to say is James Bonds phone!!!😀 Great for its price and still great in 2016 (now) even though it was made 4 years ago. I'd buy it again and you should buy it 2. Amazing phone, McAffe and Norton work well, PC companion is great: all in all 5 star❤️❤&#65­039;❤️❤&#65­039;❤️❤&#65­039;

  • Nothappyuser

Nice phone, all works reasonably well, except computer software (PC companion): it wants to be updated, but you cannot update it and as a result you cannot create a backup of your phone on the computer. The latest version of this software no longer recognises this phone. Unforgivable.


xperia t, 18 Dec 2015Sony xperia t is a great phone. But i have a new problem . When ... morebuy new phone

  • Aloys

This is a nice phone

  • mid

Soweto , 01 Nov 2014I have a problem with may Xperia wen I'm playing music sounds d... moreSame problem here the speaker isn't working on putting calls on speaker phone. And now the jack isn't responding to play music in my car. Anyone have a clue? I have already done a hard shut down and reboot... nothing didn't chance a thing.

  • xperia t

Sony xperia t is a great phone. But i have a new problem . When i shot Night lighting video then camera is blur but day camera is super but why this problem i donot khow. Please anyone help me can i do.

  • Bags

This is a great phone. I have had my tl 30 . I have had my tl30 for about 1 year . This is a great phone.

  • Dodge

Hi every one i have a Sony experia T3 i have a big problem every time i try to record video 📹 after 1 minute it turns off automatically and tells me your camera is hot needs to cool down w t f can any one helps me in this thing thanks

  • pinka

K Anupama, 17 Apr 2015i wony buy a xperia is this phonecamera superb
bt I don't like battery backup :/

  • K Anupama

i wony buy a xperia is this phone

  • Jerry_t

My laptop has more battery back Up than my sony xperia LT 730P phone. battery sucks really.I paid extra money for external power bank to resolve the problem. apart from that, everything is fine.

  • Bianca

Battery sucks. Had the phone 3 days now and the phone not keeping charge for long makes my head hurt. And i doubt the link they send you will work.

  • Arijana

My experience with batteries is that if you use alot of apps, games and texting then it runs down quickly. I had this Xperia phone and hated it. Other posters are right, the battery is worthless. I bought a different brand of phone (with removable battery) and had to wait awhile to find an extended battery for it. I went from a 1500 mAh battery to a 2280 mAh battery that I found on Ebay for $10 and now it last a LOT longer. I will NEVER buy a phone with non-removable battery again. :-)

  • kevin_N

Bullshit Battery :(
camera quality, screen quality is best,
but, really Disappointment with battery.

  • Anonymous

can't i upgrade my phone to jellybean?

  • snowfire

i have this phone for a year now and the battery burned :D lol the phone is really nice camera everything is good but the battery is total shit i have to charge it 2-3 times a day and yes the phone gets relly hot after playing games or sometimes out of nowhere it starts heating up... now i am trying to change the battery and IT IS POSSIBLE but hard... u have to buy a new one from asia or somewhere and change it yourself or go to the service they will do it for you. The phone is really goog but again the only minus is the battery :)

  • kz

bernie1, 21 Feb 2014Rubbish phone got it from 3 a week ago..... my friends can't hea... moreWe have same problem.