Sony Xperia Tablet S

Sony Xperia Tablet S

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  • 08 Dec 2018

tabletman, 12 Jul 2017I got this tablet (16GB) for free through an internet conte... moreI have the same problem

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    • tabletman
    • MQt
    • 12 Jul 2017

    I got this tablet (16GB) for free through an internet contest in middle 2013 and very happy with it last years, until it started to get slower and slower... even I made system restore and install a light launcher, this tablet is deprecated... realy a pity they did not unlock the code for making it upgradable to android 5...

      So, quick useless review (I don't think people actually still buy this tablet).
      Pro: - great batterylife, even after three years.
      - Nice and bright display (however not a high resolution)
      - has got a nice weight to it

      Con: - pretty slow, it slows down a lot after a year or so.
      - forget multitasking, or even just having two things open at the same time. The ram is
      both slow and really limited (1gb)
      - screen replacement is near to impossible (shops don't want do do it and it's cheaper
      to buy a new tablet)
      - can't play youtube at 1080p, and strugles with 720p at 60fps
      - the glass is really easy to chatter, especially at the bottom because it runs until there
      are borders, so don't drop it, even from waste heigth with being slowed down and
      having a protective cover and being in a bag

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        • Anonymous
        • X0Z
        • 06 Jun 2016

        I have sony experia tab s, it is a good tablet. bt frm last 3 months it is nt working properly I dont know why. it gets hanged while playing games. app gets unistalled automatically... thankyou can u plz fix the error

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          • jointaccess
          • r3H
          • 01 Mar 2016

          after I updated my sony sgpt12 to 4.1.1 the wifi does not have signal again, please what is the solution ?

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            • Xola T
            • Ni5
            • 11 Feb 2016

            Where may I get a charger for a Sony Tablet S Tablet around Pretoria

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              • Anonymous
              • ajQ
              • 19 Sep 2015

              I tested a 64GB SD card in it and it works, It's still an awesome tablet

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                • foroupachnas
                • n{0
                • 31 May 2015

                The best electrical appliances in the world are SONY,to see, playstation,tv,photo cameras and world renowned company producing movies SONY PICTURE,SONY has existed for many years while others come and go see blackberry - nokia and others who are fashion

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                  • AnonD-372112
                  • ksp
                  • 07 Mar 2015

                  Diana, 02 Dec 2014How can I get ssound from headphones working? HelpSame problem here. Since I bought this tab new I was only ever able to hear through one earbud/headphone with all I tried (Samsung from Walmart, Sony headphones, cheap gas station earbuds, and apple earbuds) for maybe 1 1/2 years. No sound after that though - not sure why.

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                    • suckered
                    • 0pi
                    • 04 Mar 2015

                    Sonys first tablet so as a first adopter I hoped for some recognition of this.No upgrade to jellybean and it is locked.I will never forgive and forget being suckered by Sony and will never buy any of their products

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                      • Diana
                      • Ji8
                      • 02 Dec 2014

                      How can I get ssound from headphones working? Help

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                        • ninu
                        • Ds3
                        • 07 Oct 2014

                        iceman, 20 Aug 2014this tablet doesn't have hotspot.. Tablet does NOT have GSM connection (no Sim card), so it is not possible to hotspot... Sigh

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                          • iceman
                          • K1F
                          • 20 Aug 2014

                          venni, 19 Feb 2014Hi All.. I just bought new xperia tablet S... Please info... morethis tablet doesn't have hotspot..

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                            • Jamu
                            • v0q
                            • 29 Mar 2014

                            This tablet is amazing!

                            ..good quality
                            ..great design
                            ..a fair 8MP camera
                            ..available storage (16GB TO 64GB)

                            ..only 9.4 inches?? (Ipad is 9.7 inches)
                            ..Low SD card storage (32GB)
                            ..Low Ram (1GB)
                            ..annoying like backflip cover
                            ..Not water or dust resistant??
                            ..why 4.1 jelly bean (it must get 4.2 jelly bean)

                            That's all

                            (Tell me about your experience about this tablet)

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                              • ali
                              • LbH
                              • 12 Mar 2014

                              good to use , esp games speed excellent .. booting time great! simply best

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                                • venni
                                • XMF
                                • 19 Feb 2014

                                Hi All..
                                I just bought new xperia tablet S...
                                Please inform me, this tablet can use tethring or WLAN hotspot?
                                I've try to find it, but not found...

                                Over all, I love this tablet.

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                                  • ethan
                                  • 3Ch
                                  • 04 Feb 2014

                                  i have a question why sony xperia tablet is good than others?

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                                    • Bim Best
                                    • ftV
                                    • 22 Jan 2014

                                    This tablet is good, reliable and understandable.i love its M. word doc, excel and pdf. the battery lasts long.

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                                      • jjj
                                      • 2@e
                                      • 08 Jan 2014

                                      nour, 05 Nov 2013Is sony Xepria tablet Sgpt131a1/s sim supported? no it is not sim supported

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                                        • informer
                                        • xjc
                                        • 28 Nov 2013

                                        nour, 05 Nov 2013Is sony Xepria tablet Sgpt131a1/s sim supported? No, it does not.