Sony Xperia tipo dual

Sony Xperia tipo dual

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  • mat

it's a nice phone, battery stays for long hours when browsing, options to connect to internet when you want to browse.

  • kazmi

pank, 26 Jun 2013hay gays. I heard alot about update 11.0.a.6.8. but I did not fi... moreHey you have choose USA English while installing companion software but it will take a lot of time but surely update nice phone

  • Vo Cong Dinh

From my own experience: you should buy Xperia E instead of this smartphone.

  • Sufy

What are the problems you have been faced while using this set?

  • Anj

AnonD-156640, 18 Jun 2013WORST quality compared to unbranded. Part of the screen not wor... moreIF this is the senario then I would suggest please go for comsumer grivence cell and I sure it could help you out.

  • b

3 grade phone....i have ever used.

  • Anonymous

Not that much good,, don't prefer this mobile,,

  • Anonymous

JB's ui & presentations are awkward, ICS is more sophisticated than that..................
Love to live with ICS...
thumbs down for JB sorrrrry man.
i dont want JB for my device, i can wait & i'll wait for another version.

  • Anonymous

user plz. write abt cam. plz.

  • Anonymous

what is the gaming and touch screen experience of this phone?Plese reply soon.

  • fifi

When update Android 4.1 for Xperia Tipo?

  • ian rrrrr

When I bought this phone the service guy then calibrates my touch screen with a software(TouchFWTools) then my touch screen works just fine... anyways below are my observation about this phone...

Battery: Every day my nephew and i watches videos(every night for 1 hour or more) and after that more than an hour of playing games, occationnal texting and calling with all that the phone lasted for more than 3 days...

Games and videos: when i play temple Run sometimes it lags but it works fine/fast most of the time. I also played it with fruit ninja, xdrag, angry birds and it works great... It also works great on playing videos ...
Texting: texting is difficult at first because it's screen is smaller and the keypad is querty... This works great with smaller fingers... but when you get used to it it will be fine...

the looks: for me the looks of this phone is better than the others... from the back to the front... but its only my taste others might see it differently...

Well those are just my observation about the phone and for me it's the best phone i ever had and i totally enjoyed it... Their are phones which have features like this one but i still prefer buying this phone(and now i have it)... Go Xperia

  • AnonD-160092

you have to always keep 100mb ram free to operate in full flow ... so go to apps in settings and stop unwanted apps...

tell me if i am wrong... there is also a setting to avoid running more than 6 apps ... check the same and tipo will tip the best of the same.

  • AnonD-160041

You Can't man...
You have to update
otherwise it will irritate you.
i had the same problem

  • anurag

its a gud n handy phone but touch senstivity is very low.other buttons are automatically getting active

  • laiz

annoying phone ever!!! i sold my LG phone and i was hoping that sony experia is better!! but WTF!!! this is just motnh for me!! message always hang up!1 if i was on emergency i cant contact asap!!! and now it was dead!!! touch is not working anymore!! how ca i use this!!!!!!!!! also my connection to mobile net is lost!!!! shuhada!!! my 4,990 is lost now!!!

  • dNa

Sony Tipo is sooooo... FRUSTRATING & Waste of Money, i aLmost wanna throw d' phone knowing from Sony Experia service center that it can't be fix anymore due to "Corroded Board" diagnose.
I purchase this for my son last May 02, 2013 only, sssooo WTF :(.
Lesson learn, dont purchase Sony Experia ever.......

  • Sowmandro

Chetan, 16 Jun 2013install this App to Your Tipo moreThank u So much. ur app helps me to troubleshoot my phone.

  • pank

hay gays. I heard alot about update 11.0.a.6.8. but I did not find it. for 4 monthes I bought tipo duel and from the first day it tell me about update then I updated but untill now there is no other update. dose the update depend on location? . if any one got that update from his phone ,so tell us which country you are from. may be if I changed proxy I will gat it.

  • Joe

soniravi, 20 Apr 2013it is good than samsung ace better use great camera clarity... No ,, tipo is better than ACE ...ICS is enough :)