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  • Arvan
  • tx0
  • 31 Mar 2022

Bought in Jan 2013,still using it in 2022, as a back up and mostly for a router (tethering). Android stuck in 4.3, still capable of Whatsapp (as of april 2022). replace the battery once, and the back cover twice (fallin from table). battery and back cover spare parts are well stock in Indonesian online merchants (unoriginal / OEM of course). Decent rear camera, poor front camera, tiny storage (2 GB for APP), 1 GB RAM (enough for whatsapp, Telegram, and Instagram but no more), outdated Youtube and Chrome, average battery (don't compare it to 2018 up devices). Still using it as a Modem/ router since it has 4G connectivity

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    • Anonymous
    • 6cE
    • 01 Feb 2019

    Ayman hegazy, 22 Dec 2018does it support OTG Cable? support

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      • yadegar
      • nTL
      • 04 Jan 2019

      Anonymous, 29 Dec 2018Sony xperia v mobile semmayes

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        • Anonymous
        • fC{
        • 29 Dec 2018

        Ayman hegazy, 22 Dec 2018does it support OTG Cable? Sony xperia v mobile semma

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          • Ayman hegazy
          • NkG
          • 22 Dec 2018

          does it support OTG Cable?

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            • happy
            • thv
            • 24 Aug 2018

            i'm happy with my xperia v, mhl-hdmi/vga ready and good function. waiting a compact phone with mhl function to repleace notbook.

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              • chLoe
              • PT7
              • 04 Jul 2018

              oneguy, 15 Jun 2018I have had this pone since august 2013 and i am still in lo... morexperia V rocks!

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                • oneguy
                • pqP
                • 15 Jun 2018

                I have had this pone since august 2013 and i am still in love with it.
                I am still using it but i will replace it soon for the Huawei P20 that i have bought, when i adjust the micro sim to nano sim.

                I dropped this phone to the floor plenty of times and never broke, barely a mínimum damage at the corner. The camera has been excelent and gave me nice pics during the days. Now its not so good becouse the lent has some scratch. I used it as a router for my pc taking advantage of 4g speed. The battery was just ok, but not so bad like people said if you are not a heavy user.In iddle and speaking the battery life is enormeus. Sincé i bought a mugen replacemente battery at the beggining and used it mostly. Now the original battery is still good and i have the replacement for just in case.
                Now the covers of charge battery and earphones are gone and the power botton is hard to press, but the screen is new.

                The screen was good at that time, now cant fight against new smartphones of course.

                What i hace enjoyed the most of this phone is:
                -Confortable size and weight
                -Nice camera
                -taugh phone.
                Sincé year 2013 i have never seen again other Smartphone so confortable to wear with so good camera. It served me very well, its still serving me

                Proud of it

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                  • AnonD-743582
                  • H0q
                  • 01 May 2018

                  AnonD-754436, 24 Apr 2018PLEASE TELL ME ,Can this phone good for pubg and ros? I mea... morecan't

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                    • Lt25i&Lt29i.user
                    • vgN
                    • 27 Apr 2018

                    My xperia v go back flashing android 4.0.4, good function for old phone on 1st os official android 4.0.4. Biger ram if compare with xperia tx lt29i on android 4.0.4 os.

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                      • AnonD-754436
                      • sBS
                      • 24 Apr 2018

                      PLEASE TELL ME ,Can this phone good for pubg and ros? I mean not force quit , lags

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                        • AnonD-748893
                        • 61x
                        • 01 Apr 2018

                        can you upgrade the OS more than jelly bean? even kitkat?

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                          • Tom_the_King
                          • rjq
                          • 30 Dec 2017

                          I love this phone and I've had it for a few years now so the battery is weakening. Where can I get a original LT25i battery replacement in Cape Town South Africa.

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                            • Bashir
                            • Nv$
                            • 14 Oct 2017

                            its battery is fake for sure because it spends hours not even a day!

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                              • Sara
                              • SHA
                              • 29 Sep 2017

                              Yes, battery time is rubbish!!!
                              without touching the phone WIFI off - 1 day and half
                              for instance if I charge it in the afternoon and browse, facebook,.. by evening time is 20%.
                              Because off all the updates I now dont have Facebook app nor Messenger app. I use a browser for the facebook and messenger lite. These updates are now to heavy for this phone. it just freezes.
                              Also stopped using the alarm because it freezes... bought my phone in late 2013

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                                • ajay paul
                                • rKb
                                • 04 Sep 2017

                                I am not getting 4g networks..any solution to this.. I make network preference to LTE preferred..but stil it doesn't wrk..plz some1 ver is still jelly it because of it..3g wrks perfectly..

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                                  • Bleurdeur
                                  • f{X
                                  • 08 Aug 2017

                                  AnonD-647471, 25 Feb 2017dos anyone know sony v - or - acro s - witch one is the best !Xperia V all the way

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 6P5
                                    • 19 Jul 2017

                                    Can anybody tell me about its battery timing ???

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                                      • Dwi
                                      • tDR
                                      • 14 Jun 2017

                                      thevino, 19 May 2017Quality phone been using it for more than 4 years as a powe... moreHi, same with me.

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                                        • thevino
                                        • rv1
                                        • 19 May 2017

                                        Quality phone been using it for more than 4 years as a power user, had no problem. Still has no problem and works fine but the hardware is pretty outdated now.