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Sony Xperia X

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  • Anonymous

Wifi and internet Data connectivity is very Bad. Not running proper.

  • luffy

i have this phone for almost 2 years,the camera is good but if you use vedio the battery will quickly heat, and also the quickly drain, i have consern also for wifi connectivety very bad ,

  • Anonymous

Sangeeth, 21 Jul 2019Great for photos better than any brand, good colour reproduction... moreAbsolutely agree. I've been holding this phone for 2 years

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2019The screen broke easily and badly. The charging port is also dam... moreThus a great cell and older one Sony that works likes a charm! Hehehe

  • Anonymous

The screen broke easily and badly. The charging port is also damaged. I've heard all Sony phones develop charging port problem.
Took it to a lot of shops and they said they don't have the replacement parts.

The performance is fine. Nothing great but it is as you'd expect from Snapdragon 650.
It handles PUBG fine on smooth/balanced graphics and medium Framerate. There is no thermal throttling/overheating.

The battery timing is short but it is as you would expect from a 2600 mAh battery.

Camera is good. I've seen better noise management in low light, but other than that, its camera works great.

  • Sangeeth

Great for photos better than any brand, good colour reproduction, great display, but when it comes to battery and heating problems its hurting, when turn on mobile data its heating, cant play pub g without fan and wifi :(

  • Anonymous

Zupergurkan, 02 Jul 2019I've had this phone for almost one and a half year and I'm sorry... moreMine works perfectly fine though

I've had this phone for almost one and a half year and I'm sorry to say it sucks. I've had phones age so much better than this one is, right now I can barely touch it when it's charging until it's at 10% or it will discharge so fast. I've got to charge it twice a day and sometimes that isn't enough. The camera and price is why I bought it, but now I feel like I should've looked into the chipset and the battery more. Also sometimes it just turns off. Seemingly it gets overheated, ironically it reminds me of when a computer just freezes. Too often apps stop also. If you're a heavy phone user, don't buy this one.

  • Nishit2103

OTG pendrive not working & Charging time 5 hour. What should I do?

  • number774

Mehru, 28 Mar 2019I have a problem i had thia phone it was the best phone i ever h... moreI also repaired using this.
It was the hardest to remove the front and back panels.
You also need a thin double-sided tape to attach the front panel.­-x-f5121-lcd.html

I have a problem i had thia phone it was the best phone i ever had. Owned. I accidentally broke the screen and cant find the lcd screen panel in pakistan. I am in love with this device please help me out where can i find thw lcd panel for xperia x. Also it has two models compact and performance as well and someone sneakily sold me performance one. I was devastated. And i found out that while replacinf the lcd screen you need to have the glue thing as well. Otherwise it won't stick... Please helppppppppp.

  • Meher

I need some help with this phone. I bought it and it was the best phone i had until i accidentally broke the screen. Cant find a replacement in pakistan. Can anyone please help me find parts andnif the screen(i heard) is replaced you also need a glue kit for the replacement to stick. I am in deep waters here. Please help me out.

  • MLD

Great phone and light to carry. Software needs to repair once in 2 years.

  • Dry rigg

Great phone,
No overheating
Great camera
Battery life good
Good size
Smooth performance
Would recommend,

  • Nelke

I have one how to solve wifi problem?

  • Anonymous

Ample disappointments!
Severe heating problems!
Easily draining battery!
No convincing features!
But look of phone is fabb!!

  • verbTt lose cl

Heats up considerably for normal usage, lags,cannot handle gaming applications very well.Had to replace the battery and the charging port.Its not the worst phone, but pretty close

  • Anonymous

I`ve owned this phone ever since It came out, I have to say that I`m abosolutely happy with my choice and would buy a Sony brand phone again.

  • AnonD-826051

Abdul Rasheed, 26 Jan 2019I Have the Xperia X and has been a nightmare since the first mon... moreXperia XA2 is the closest. It has Snapdragon 630 who is on pair with power of Snapdragon 650 used in Xperia X, but SD630 is much mbetter in battery consuption. Other stuff are basicly the same, except design of the phone and unlocked 4k video shooting, which you will hardly ever use since it doesn't have OIS or any IS, so you need a stative for that.

I Have the Xperia X and has been a nightmare since the first month after the first system update, very often have to be reload the system, issue with charger etc, so I got to the point with the Company to get a replacement device and would like to know if you guys have better knowleges to the best close model to Xperia X considering, sensors, cameras 23 and 13 MP and RAM 3 and proccesor. thank you in advance any help