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  • Starla

It's quite durable. Mine lasted for 3 years. Though the camera is not that high-end but I managed to take good photos. I didn't like the short-lived battery and low storage capacity. Good enough for me.


Well, good phone (in my opinion). Fast, compact and better than my last phone (Huawei honor 7s). But screen is really weak :(. 8/10

  • Julia

Dropped out of the pocket while on toilet fell roughly 8cm and the screen shattered definetly not durable enough

  • MM

My 3 year old Xperia F 3115 model disconnects from my WiFi even though settings shows it is connected. Bluetooth also disconnects in my car and will not respond. Solution to each problem is to restart, then it connects perfectly, until I move to another room and back and it once again refuses to reconnect.
Does anyone have a solution?

My XA has suddenly died for a month....

  • Curley

Have had a few sony xperias and found they all had problems with the charging port and have had to have it replaced. Current one is 3 1/2 years old and has had it replaced once and has broken again and needs replacing again at $125.00

Otherwise I liked the phones, just the charging port issues.

801, 28 Dec 2019Should I buy Xperia Z or Xperia XA????Stay away from low-mid end Sony phones, those are very unreliable and prone to malfunction, the XA have this non responsive screen problem. If you want a Sony phone i recommend a high end one like the XZ2-3 or the Compact series.

  • 801

Should I buy Xperia Z or Xperia XA????

  • Sanjay

I have also the same model since 2016, it is really a good phone. it has good features, good performance, no face any issue yet, yes battery backup is little low, but no issue for me. Comfortable in hands. I like its pre-installed apps. Such a friendly phone. If you like many apps then you can quit otherwise best phone.

  • Sanjay

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019Since 2018 my xperia xa version doesn't apdatedI have updated it in April 2019, lovely phone.

  • Anonymous

Anemelos82, 06 Nov 2019Would you recomend it for an older person for first smartph... moreno security update but software stable which will bring good experience to new user, no need to update here and there.
XA! and XA2 also recomended along motorola g5,g6,g7

Would you recomend it for an older person for first smartphone experience? Which apps are not updating?

  • Anonymous

Some apps no longer update. Would not recommend buying this phone in 2019.

  • subi

Rein, 21 Sep 2019Use this phone since 2017, repair it last year due to scree... moreI am also facing the same problem. not recommended to buy.

  • Anonymous

Since 2018 my xperia xa version doesn't apdated

  • Rein

Use this phone since 2017, repair it last year due to screen flickering. Now dealing with the battery problem. My Xperia C3 is still good until today. Unlike this XA.

  • Sahan

This phone is a piece of shit.. do not buy it, it has some serious issues with the display, the touch screen doesn't work

  • Greek guy

I bought it late 2016 and performed flawlessly until last June. All it needed in those almost 3 years, was a new battery, which was changed last Christmas. Unfortunately in June the phone needed a new USB port, the battery started overheating, the NFC chip quit working. It was time to move on

  • awwooo

Archer, 05 Jun 2019Don't buy this phone, after some time getting issue with to... morebecause u use it in watching u know u know hahah

  • Bandu

This phone is weirdly good and Imma still using it as daily driver even after almost 3 years,conflicted now on whether to upgrade to Poco or not.