Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

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  • Suzy

Doggo, 14 Apr 2022I have one, and I have constant GPS issues with it loosing ... moreIt's my 4th year using this phone. Pretty good as a mid-ranger. My only problem is the GPS, I always lost the signal while driving and makes it difficult to navigate using Waze or Google Map. Camera quality is ok, but I expected more from Sony. The best thing is the durability and battery can last you a whole day.

  • Doggo

I have one, and I have constant GPS issues with it loosing GPS signal while I'm driving even outside of a case near the windshield.
My camera app some times hangs, and it will some times hang other apps that request camera access. It feels more like a time-out problem, like the camera has to wake up, it takes a moment but then functionality restores.
I love this phone!

  • Gabby

M, 03 Apr 2022My phone still works fine. Still holds up against new lower... moreI do, but not very often but I just have to restart the camera not the unit itself

  • Test

M, 03 Apr 2022My phone still works fine. Still holds up against new lower... moreYes, my back torch and camera

  • M

My phone still works fine. Still holds up against new lower-range phones. The only thing that bugs me is the main camera failing to open at times. I have to restart the device at least 2 times before I could use it. Is anyone experiencing this as well? any advice? thanks.

  • Anonymous

Other than Wi-Fi sometimes disconnecting on non-brand routers and FM radio pausing every few seconds when there's even low interference, phone works great. I've been using it for 4 years and it's still great. Battery could still hold at least a day with moderate use.

I'm really satisfied with this phone and I wish Sony would be better in terms of software support. And actually fix the issues users are reporting to them. Issues with Wi-Fi and FM radio were reported bunch of times and they were aware of them, but they didn't do anything regarding them.

  • Anonymous

i am satisfied user for 3 years. if you want some decent gaming expirience this is a phone for you. it does not have AR or a good camera but it will do it. the batery and sound is awesome. that phone is unbrekable and it has never crashed for me. i recommend it still in 2022.

  • Kujtim Zymeri

ms, 04 Jan 2022that's a load of nonsense Same here bro. Still king.

  • ms

Bum, 16 Dec 2021ATT says it won't be compatible by Feb. 2022. Mine is ... morethat's a load of nonsense

  • Bum

ATT says it won't be compatible by Feb. 2022. Mine is still going strong

  • Delight

I'm still using mine infact I'm tying this on it. Awesome mid ranger this is. Very solid and reliable and it has really aged well. It's on Android 9 right now and it's still kicking very well. I love the speaker quality and the screen is awesome. The pictures are very good in bright light or during the day though not so good at dark. If you want a phone that just does the job of a good phone and don't want to spend much, go for this even in 2021. I doubt if you can find it new though except pre owned or refurbished. Well done Sony.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2021Not satisfied with the cam especially it came from Sony.True :(

  • MinishCap

JustTheFacts, 07 Jul 2021Probably the best mobile device I've ever owned. I bo... moreIdk man, I use 5g on my phone constantly, it's just 4g with better range and building penetration

  • Anonymous

Satisfied customer for 3 years. Probably not the best phone way back 2018 but i just realized now(2021) , why sony designs are sometimes appears to be mediocre or weird, they focus too much on the reliability and durability.

  • JustTheFacts

Probably the best mobile device I've ever owned. I bought two unlocked mobiles since 2018, 4G is fast and reliable. 5G won't be truly around for at least another year or so (despite all the false advertising), and 4G is solidly developed everywhere and won't go away for another 10yrs. No crazy amount of uninstallable bloatware software like you find in Samsung phones... just straight forward clean, large, fast and the battery lasts amazing long - I can go several days with average use without any charge. Whenever this first XA2 Ultra phone dies, I still have another backup one to use - so glad I got two, the price dropped and it was a no brainer. Wish all phones were made to this standard. Clean, fast, everything you need in a phone for everyday and business use. Only thing is that if you need a QR scanner, it's safe to install Free QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner from Duy Pham (MMLab)... works flawlessly without any security issues (Google Play Store). Another thing is that this phone does not wirelessly charge, not an issue for me. Peace.

I definitely hope that Sony can make an updated version of this phone as a next-gen Xperia 10 model in the future. To this day, this is the only Sony smartphone that has a front ultrawide camera and I deeply value that feature a lot.

  • biddy

just bought a used one in great nick, just can not beat Sony for reliability, pop a headphones in and off u go, even better than my last phone with 8gb ram, volume was a nightmare with headphones.probaly Android 9 has to be the. most bug free version.

  • Anonymous

Satisfied user for 3 years.

  • Trippy hippy

This phone is a great phone, reliable, smooth, really good battery, screen is solid, good memory size and feels and looks nice, but like every other phone it has its niggles such as a rediculously poor quality camera for the type of phone it is, can be very slippy if you done have a case, sometimes the screen sensor trips out and you can't keep the phone screen on for more than 10 seconds. Other than this belter phone.

  • Anonymous

Not satisfied with the cam especially it came from Sony.