Sony Xperia XA Ultra

Sony Xperia XA Ultra

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  • Cobby Dale Steve

Great very big phone,
Excellent camera,
One big drawback,,,,,,,,,, poor battery,,,,,,,

  • Yrrej

I use this phone almost 3 years until now its good for gaming etc.

  • nikhil

Today i got system update....can anybody knows what new system

  • D ev

Using this phone for almost 1.5 years now all of a sudden my phone won't get charged I don't know what happened. Last week to get 10% charge I had to keep the mobile for whole day now the mobile is dead. Any solutions. .. although phone shows red blink which represents charging but phone won't get harged

  • Anonymous

nikhil, 26 Apr 2017when will i get android naugat 7.0 in my xperia xa ultra.... ple... moreVisit ur service centre for update

  • tobster

its a great phone, camera quality is awesome, altho iv seen a iphone 7plus focus on words on newspaper better, but i love the 21MP camera, 6 inch screen is great for viewing, to wide though you end up messing up phone by hitting random apps, due to screen, phone is made well, i dont like the fact that the rim of the phone are separate instead of one piece and battery life could be bigger and better like 3200mAh instead of a 2700mAh battery altho it will last you the whole day at work if you use it wisely processor is really fast, mine was a fast processor even tho i had huge apps on it so yeah, great phone but some things about it i wish were fixed

  • john

so what is the advantages and disadvantages of sony xperia xa ultra?

  • Anonymous

Poop, 20 Jul 2018This phone sucks, I've had it since a year ago and what i can sa... moreYes I agree with you. I had mine about a year and a half and mine! The fon freezes a lot and the memory gets full for no apparent reason. I have to turn fon off and restart it every time to get it working again. It really sucks.

  • Anonymous

After using it for 1 year, I can say it has great cameras (Both front and rear) but the video color reproduction and the auto-focus on the selfie cam are terrible. I never had any issue with it's performance, although I only use it for social media, music and light-gaming.
It fell off my hands multiple times on different heights (Almost uncountable and without any phone cases or screen protector) and only presented some minor scratches on the sides.

The only things I had issues with, were the storage and about a week ago the display stopped functioning correctly (It's a shame, it was a really good display even under sun legibility conditions). The battery isn't that bad if you activate the stamina mode and put brightness to the minimum, with normal use it lasts the whole day without charging.
But overall, it is a great phone if you look for good cameras and regular social media usage.

Please, ignore if I mispelled something. I'm latin-hispanic btw.

  • Anonymous

Have been using this phone for almost 2 years and here are my insights

Good camera both front and back
Good gaming phone
Multitasking is fine
Durable too, It often slip my hand, fell on my bed, fell on my table, squeezed on my bag or body while sleeping but its still on one piece.

Camera takes too long to shoot photos (though results are really great)
Battery life is too short since screen is too big (always bring powerbank)
Display blinks when brightness is changed from low to high (LCD got replaced by service center)
Bad cooling system, easily gets hot while gaming.
Small Internal storage (got only 10gb of storage, eventhough I bought 64gb sdcard, I can't install many apps since I can't transfer every single app on SDCARD)

Overall this phone is great and served its purpose on me.

  • Saj


i have been using this phone for almost 1 year, i was very disappointed with this phone, i got attracted to this phone because of its camera, first things first, i got display issues during the first six months, i got it replaced since i was in the warranty period, but what to say i got another issues, both of my camera were out, it shows camera not available, i rushed into the service center, they told me i have to replace the camera module, what a waste of my money. never ever to sony again.

  • ro

easy to get hot during video call

i got this phone xaperia xa ultra from almost 10 months
i was shocked from phone performance
1- the camera was very very slow
2- the internal memory is full out very fast & its clear if i only restart the phone
3- finally as this phone price & category i thought that this phone is waterproof or water resistances as most of Sony phones
but i shocked when the phone is dead because couple of drop of water ,and now the agent need to make me pay almost the price of the phone again to fix it
now i have to pay double of the phone price while the phone spices doesn't worth half of it original price

  • Anonymous

Rabbi, 17 Oct 2018Is this phone getting oreo update? Pls answer NO

Is this phone getting oreo update? Pls answer

  • weezer


I have this phone for about 1 1/2 years now. Performance wise its decent for a mid-range phone. Signal is great on this phone especially mobile data (using GLOBE from PH). Camera is decent but a bit slow at times. Battery is small for the LCD size, from my usage (heavy mobile data user) last less than 12 hrs.

Mtk the most horrible chipset ever built, gps very bad, very fast hot and battery sucker

  • Sony fan.

allison, 11 Sep 2018what is a good phone to get all I see are bad reviews for all th... moreThais phone is very good for some one who doesn"t spent most of his life to play games or watch videos,it does every thing I need and low price is the bonus.

  • allison

what is a good phone to get all I see are bad reviews for all the phones ive been looking at?! I sure as hell don't wanna spend $1,000 on a phone but im seeing such bad reviews for everything

  • BT

Not much good for me. Internal memory is too low. 16GB. unable to move some app to SD card. not good for me. battery also bad.