Sony Xperia XA Ultra

Sony Xperia XA Ultra

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  • Ali

When Sony next Smart Phone release

  • donatella

just bought this phone, updated to latest firmware ending 112, best big phone 2021,just update play services works fine, so much better than all the cheap chinese junk out their, quality over quanity, o ye i had xa1 ultra, xa2 ultra both laggy and over heating after updating, go for xa ultra.

bhaskar, 26 Apr 2021i need sony experia f 3212 LCD touch AND displayHey, my friend, I can provide you with a phone screen about Sony, are you interested?

  • bhaskar

i need sony experia f 3212 LCD touch AND display

I have been using Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Dual (Black, 64GB) for past 4 years prior to that have used the Sony Xperia XA Ultra Dual (Grey, 16GB) for past 5 years and both are still going strong as of March 2021 while I review. Sony mobiles are built like tanks and will never let you down. The quality and durability is just too good. I was looking for a good non chinese phone and since Sony phones are no longer available I had to settle for Samsung Galaxy F62 but there are lot of questions on the durability of the product. It does not look sturdy. I take a great care of all my devices and yet there are scratches on the new phone used just for 3 days as of today. Not very convincing. Also I checked the specs using Dev Check and Device Info apps and the specs do not match. Bad Experience with Samsung I must say.

  • Anonymous

The Sony Xperia XA Ultra, is a good phone but the battery sucks (2-3 hours of play time at best with battery saving).
The camera is amazing but slow on capturing.
The screen size is large.
The performance is acceptable, it can run games but expect it to heat up.

It's good for tasking, but for gaming? (Hell Nah)
I actually preferred my Grandma's phone (Huawei Y6 Pro) it was faster

  • Syed sadiq

Sony xperia xa ultra dual f3216 mobile
My patches in india hyderabad store location please

  • Anonymous

Phone is awesome but internal memory is quite low i.e. 16 gb. For games and stuffs 3 gb ram is fine. Battery performance is average. Rear Lens 21mp is good. But this phone is quite outdated.

  • Anonymous

Is the back material is soft touch plastic or hard plastic.?

  • XA Ultra

Anonymous, 29 Jul 20207.0 Marshmallow officially Nice Kid 7.0 Marshmallow* Funny Joke... Let Me Correct It (7.0 Nougat)

  • Racks

Philip, 19 Aug 2020I have been using this smartphone since the summer of 2016 ... moreI also bought it in august 2016. It's a great phone, still can compete present day budget phones! Except that it has only 16gb memory and 3gb ram! And also Android version 7! That's why i am planning to switch to a new android mobile.

  • Legend

Arc mouse touch se (bluethoot mouse) connected but not showing icon of mouse.

How to remove ads from google some feed back plz

Other all is perfect

  • Ivan

Philip, 19 Aug 2020I have been using this smartphone since the summer of 2016 ... moreYeah me also it's a very good phone

  • Philip

I have been using this smartphone since the summer of 2016 when it was available. I still don't need to change it. Excepting his quite slow battery performance, the phone workes really good anything, even though it has its memory full. I haven't used it to play games on it cause its not my pleasure but with its big size it is really useful to use it for reading books or watching video clips or simply to scroll on Facebook ori on the internet.

  • Abhilash Suryawanshi

Whenever the phone was launched I buy it first that was pretty good in all over price rear and front camera is awesome in pixel density. But today in technology I say everything is updated today no matter which brand you prefer as par your budget.

  • Squallsoldier

Anonymous, 29 Jul 20207.0 Marshmallow officially Nougat 7.0

  • Anonymous

RJ, 29 Jul 2020What is the latest Android version for this phone?7.0 Marshmallow officially

  • RJ

What is the latest Android version for this phone?

  • SoKnee

Does anyone know how to activate the News page back up? (or get it back?) I use it daily and now it's gone. The Google surch bar doesn't have the (microphone picture) either and the "OK Google" isn't working but that's not a big deal. Thanks!!

  • Ed

Canelias, 29 May 2020The battery life and charging time is horrible, period. The... moreYes, I agree with u. The battery life and charging time is really horrible! 0verall, this phone is a mess compared to other phones at that time.