Sony Xperia XZ1 lands in Canada on October 26

Vlad, 02 October 2017

While it's already received its first price cut in the US, the Sony Xperia XZ1 hasn't gone on sale in Canada yet. That's about to change by the end of this month, however.

The XZ1 will officially become available up north on October 26. You'll be able to purchase one from Bell or Freedom Mobile if you're into grabbing your handsets straight from carriers. If you'd rather go the contract-free, unlocked unit route, we assume Amazon will have some in stock too.

Pricing hasn't been announced yet unfortunately, but given the fact that it launched in the US costing $699, be prepared to see it marked up to at least CAD 899 in Canada - maybe even CAD 1,000. With a contract, you may only need to pay CAD 400 to 500 upfront.

The XZ1 units sold in Canada will have a working fingerprint sensor in their side-mounted power button, unlike the ones that are out in the US. And that's good news for anyone who enjoys the convenience of unlocking a phone quickly and securely.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-230117

So, wait - the XZ1 gets the working fingerprint reader but not the flagship XZ Premium?! Sony's screwed up on this.

  • Anonymous

They should release the XZ1 Compact here also. My father needs a new phone and wind(freedom mobile) has good plans for new devices.

Sony representative: "-Canadiens getting fingerprint scanner! Prepare to charge as for iPhones those Nikkei's!

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