Sony Xperia XZ Premium EU pre-orders open next week at €749

Chip, 27 April 2017

Today Sony detailed the availability of its new Xperia XZ Premium flagship in Europe and there is a nice surprise. The smartphone will go on pre-order next week, but it will be a gradual roll-out so some-markets will start taking reservations before others.

Actual units will ship at the end of May or beginning of June in another step-by-step expansion. Pricing will be between €749 and €769 depending on where exactly you live.

Now, for the good news - the first pre-orders will get a free pair of the MBR-100ABN wireless noise-cancelling headphones. Those normally cost upwards of €300 so they add a lot of value to the deal.

The not so great bit is that despite the Quick charge 3.0 support, Sony Xperia XZ Premium won’t ship with a quick charger in the box in all regions. The Nordic countries will get a fast charger, but some other markets will miss on that.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Fyi the XZ Premium also have the adaptive lighting mapping feature means it can produce more realistic color no matter you watching the phone at any lighting environment, because the display can mapping due to any color temperature. Ps: I find ...

  • AnonD-658585

I think it's only UK France and Scandinavia.... We need a European wide Sony online store :((

  • AnonD-658585

So this headphones deal is in which countries? In Greece you cant even order phones from the Sony online store. If it's for UK, Netherlands and Denmark that's just sad.

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