Sony Xperia XZ Premium vs. The 7 Best Front Phone Cameras for Selfie Videos

Yordan, 24 February 2018

At the beginning of February, we hand-picked the best phone cameras for selfie videos. A lot of you suggested that we should have included the XZ Premium on the list. We didn't have any Sony phone there and it was for a good reason.

Nevertheless, the XZ Premium has a surprisingly capable front camera when it comes to shooting videos so we put the Sony flagship against our Top 7 to show you how it compares (and why it didn't make it on the list in the first place).

In the video, Angie explains how the exposure algorithms companies use differ and how that's the reason your face sometimes end up less than ideally exposed. Companies which use matrix exposure metering for their selfie camera instead of prioritizing your face - like Sony - are particular guilty of this. And it's not just the XZ Premium but also any other Sony phone we tried including the XZ1 and the most recent selfie-oriented XA2 Ultra.

Seven devices made the list of best phone cameras for selfie videos - Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple iPhone X, OnePlus 5T, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, vivo V7+, Nokia 8. For the sake of clearing any confusion among fans, Angie places each phone against the XZ Premium. Sony’s device has its strengths in selfie videos that's for sure.

Angie finishes the video on a high note, hoping for a tweak in the algorithm of future Xperias. Sony is expected to unveil an Xperia XZ2 and an Xperia XZ2 Compact at MWC 2018 and we have high hopes perhaps Sony has changed their exposure algorithms for the better.


Reader comments

Completely unfactual? Check this: S9 is mushy and have aberration in colors with all its dual sensors and optical stabilization. Sony doesn't need that to be great! Speed? Top Notch!

  • Anonymous

That's completely unfactual

  • Anonymous

Seriously... you just made up a bunch of jealous crap to talk crap. Why don't you try reality

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