Sony Xperia Z1 prices hit the web: $730, €650, £564

05 September, 2013

Pricing info for the new Sony Xperia Z1 is starting to appear online. Clove UK has the flagship at £564 (including VAT) and notes that the first stock is expected to arrive on September 16. For comparison, the old Xperia Z is £450.

Negri Electronics has priced the Xperia Z1 at $730 and will get it in stock a few days later, on September 20.

The Erman press release has prices for the ZZ1 and the various other accessories – the flagship Android phone will cost €650, the availability is a vague "Q3". Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it in any German stores yet.

The press release also lists the prices of the accessories showed off yesterday. The Cyber-shot QX100 lens-style camera is €450 (and $500 on, the QX10 is €200 ($250). The Sony SmartWatch 2 is scheduled for Q3 at €200. The Smart Imaging Stand is €120, while the simple tripod is €40, both are coming out at the end of the month.

We handled the Xperia Z1, the QX lens-style cameras and the other accessories at the IFA grounds, here's what we thought of them.

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Check out our full IFA 2013 coverage right here.


Reader comments

  • junsouth

Yahh thats right they can't afford to buy sony so they jst criticized the product... LOL

  • Debasis

Why u people jealous about that piece of buty z1, if u havent to afford money then go cheaper brand dont go for sony. I still use xperia sl and now. Want to upgrade with z 1 a must buy piece of buty.:-)

  • Anonymous

...........You really should not comment with such illogical thoughts...

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