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Sony Xperia Z2a

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Renae, 08 May 2015Sony Xperia z2a D6563 -- This is a great phone, I was very ... moreHi ,
I had a same problem .. Please share me if you find any solution ..

  • AnonD-755411

So min soo, 05 Apr 2018The product is good but after 3 years of owning the phone i... moreIt started pressing random things for me too - I noticed some micro-scratches on the digitizer glass - that's the reason. Replace that and you should be sorted.

  • So min soo

The product is good but after 3 years of owning the phone it starts to twitch, keeps on pressing itself and it's logging from time to time.

Since my country's economy exploded since 2015, I'm now buying two o three year old top of the line phones. Even for 2017 standards this is a good device. Runs smoothly all apps I installed on it.

It's ip58 certification and shatter proff is a good plus for me, since i use the device with endomondo, and swet ruined my previous zenfone 2.

I've used the phone in the pool and survived. It's pretty cool to wash it, that's a thing you don't get to do with many phones even today.

  • AnonD-675061

Smartphones complete and good in all respects, only the front camera is still using VGA. i like it.

  • matjol

i love it, no crash its my dream phone

  • AnonD-668292

I bought it from Dubai .
Now I am in India and got some technical issue .
But no any service centre wanna touch it.
even Sony customer care (1800 103 7799) said there is no any option for service International customer. In fact there is no any paid service also.
Any one have any suggestion ?

  • MArio

Hi, Anybody received android 6 or 7 update ? pls answer

  • AnonD-612023

Never, ever buy a Sony. This phone crashes once a week, needing total software rebuild. PIECE. OF. RUBBISH.


Did this Z2a get Marshmallow 6.0 update from Sony? Or only the bigger Z2 got 6.0?

  • AnonD-607822

Unfortunately for spare LCD Touchscreen phone is late present for Indonesia

  • Anonymous

i bought both used Galaxy S5 LTE-A and Sony ZL2, both of them is very impressive for $213 for Galaxy S5 and $130 for Sony ZL2

  • AnonD-581617

Pefect phone

  • AnonD-520138

Ofc they are good for Skype....

  • md.rahul

Please anybody help me.I want to buy Xperia z2.but one confusion,I think that's not a good camera compare the samsung galaxy which is the best camera"Z2/S5.

  • Dhee

hey i have xperia z2 and i like to share my experiences with all....its good smart phone which i ever used and i love the design of xperia z2 ...i love sony

  • AnonD-478731

is this phone any good for skyping?

  • AnonD-382741

Beside the weird not glass back panel whats the difference betweeen z2a and z2?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2015please tell me which is better samsung E7 or sony z2Z2

  • pham minh triet

how's this product rice?