Sony Xperia Z3+ dual

Sony Xperia Z3+ dual

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  • LcYu

When u see under sunshine (especially when on off screen), you'll see many dots appeared on screen. Is it normal that every Z3 plus user facing? Please advise. Tq!

  • LcYu

I just bought my Z3 plus dual today. After I connect to internet, it automatically did prompt out and ask me to update software & update system. I dint do anything and just ignore and leave it there. The notification keep still there...cannot remove it. Would like to ask some point:
- Is it necessary to update software and system?
- Any advantage if I update it?
- Any disadvantage if I'm not gonna update? (difference between update and before update?
-If I don't wanna update, how to remove the notification?

  • aronno

I have bought a sony xperia z3+ dual from local market, now I m confused about my device, whether it is refurbished or not? how can I gel assurance about my phone. can any1 tell me, about refurbished phn pls.

  • AnonD-528304

karl, 22 Apr 2016Z3vplus supports otg also...plzzz tell me...Yes, z3+ support USB storage.

  • karl

Z3vplus supports otg also...plzzz tell me...

  • Sathish321

Very hot and slow charging! Simply Dont buy!!! Go to Vivo V3max!!!

  • Bryan m

One day well telaport and you shtheads will still cry about somthin. I hav galaxy s5 n I wish I had my old sony back, only plus to the s5 its isnt broke after every time I punch this p.o.s. Sony makes a greater device in terms of function and personality. Plus the camera is awasome. I had a sony lt for 3 years, it was slow n old but better than samsung

  • MTF

Solution for Over heating of Z+.

I keep a bowl of water near me and whenever the Mobile is heated I place it in water.
The mobile is water proof and it works great.

  • carlo

battery recharge is very slow.. does anyone tried fast charger UCH10?

  • jojo

carlo, 10 Apr 2016hi guys.. my device overheats at the back when i am using wifi? ... moreit overheat because it is using snapdragon. snapdragon is fast but it uses battery more and heats up easily.

  • Anonymous

carlo, 10 Apr 2016hi guys.. my device overheats at the back when i am using wifi? ... moreSony has waterproof.

  • AnonD-524570

So now guys i need your help..
i'm confused .. z3 .. z3+ .. flex 2 .. vibe p1 .. huawei g8.. desire eye
i'm looking for top performance in 2016.. good camera (both) .. water and dust resistance (meh)...i do care about audio so equalizer if possible or hi fi..the z3 + looks great but the overheat terrify me..
need your opinions plz..

  • carlo

hi guys.. my device overheats at the back when i am using wifi? i already update it to the latest software. do you guys encounter same issue?

  • AnonD-524080

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2016guys, i updated my phone to 6.0 and i was wondering if you can ... moreHi guys,I am planning to buy Sony z3+,I need to know its good to buy r not,some says it produce heat ,so any one give me a view about it

  • karam

Should I buy this phone or not

  • wleo

Sony always same look same design, no change , so boaring

  • Rahul

Hari, 28 Mar 2016People, I have bought this phone yesterday from The pho... moreUpgrade to Android 6 marshmallow... the problem goes away.

  • Mehra s

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2016Can anyone give me the step-by-step how to root this device?U should try kingoroot for rooting this device

  • AnonD-522857

how is its low light photo clarity. does it come out well . Do any one recommend me buying this phone?

  • AnonD-462192

Just uninstall Whatsapp and re - install, you can restore your messages and media/pictures.