Sony Xperia Z3 gets approved by the FCC for the US market

16 July, 2014

The FCC posted yesterday its latest test completion of a Sony device with codename D6603, which according to Sony's model number convention should coincide with the Sony Xperia Z3.

What's more interesting about this story's origin being from the FCC is that the US has traditionally been one of the later markets to see Sony smartphone releases. Such an early FCC authentication could mean that Sony plans on a simultaneous US and international release for its next flagship, which is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin starting September 5.

As the FCC involves itself primarily with devices' communication capabilities, what little we can derive about the Z3 includes dual-band WiFI a/b/g/n/ac, as well as NFC and Bluetooth capabilities. A wide range of support for LTE and GSM bands is also present, with a special model being made to support US frequencies.

Not much else is known regarding the Xperia Z3, but more information should leak out as the anticipated September release date nears. For more on the Z3, these alleged leaked images, as well as a couple alongside a rumored Z3 Compact version.

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Reader comments

  • Nate

No LTE Band 12? *sadface*

  • woodside guy

the design counts a lot for me. I hope Z3 will have a brand-new totally different design from Z2

  • Anonymous

come to t-mobile please.