Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra

Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra

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  • AnonD-555135

z4 ultra is xperia z5 just check the imei of my phone and it shows z4 ultra, maybe the reason they've cancelled it =)

  • Muhammad Younas

Pls.any one confirm me about arrival or release of Sony experia Z4 Ultra.

  • AnonD-14912

Holly crap! This phone looks huge!!! I want! I can't believe it was cancelled!

  • aref dashti

AnonD-442158, 23 Oct 2015Nahh. 4k res display was restricted only to the top model e... moreI agree with you, but i think sony must make beter its lcd quality bether than samsung and apple only on this way it can be the best ofcourse shoud reduce price

  • Anonymous

This phone will include an 4K 6.4 inch display,gorilla glass 5 protection,more compact body,only 6.1 mm thin,an sd820 CPU with 4GB of RAM,a 16 MP camera with led flash,android 6.0 and a 4000 mAh battery

  • surya

itz good

  • AnonD-475598

I'll get you in 2016 ^_^ When its Avail

  • Sony User

AnonD-442764, 20 Sep 2015I hope they add some sort of s pen or something i was a not... moreSir... u can do the same with or without s pen... sony create this z ultra which can use with pencil or normal pen... see youtube review for more details

  • yup

mas39, 25 Sep 2015The Z4 Ultra will never be released, the Z5 Ultra is expect... moreIt sucks anyway

  • AnonD-442158

SeanG, 15 Oct 2015i had the Z Ultra EVERYWHERE AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE i went p... moreRead this. It's so sad that all he said is true. Sony phones is like a secret agent in the marketing world. Outstanding abilities and yet it only impresses people who actually look for them. Even the new model (M5 Dual) is featured in a Bond movie, Spectre. I saw the phone's box when I was looking for Sony phones, unsurprisingly.

  • AnonD-442158

mas39, 25 Sep 2015The Z4 Ultra will never be released, the Z5 Ultra is expect... moreNahh. 4k res display was restricted only to the top model even amongst its most equal siblings. If it has the specifications that you said the name wouldn't be Z5 Ultra, instead it'll be Z5 Ultra Premium and it'll cost you a leg (I'm only kidding on the latter).

Realistically, yes it'll use SD820 following Sony's tradition of having more processing power than most direct rivals in terms of screen size and resolution, which will be Quad HD if Sony manages to lower the power consumption of the high resolution down to Full HD level of consumption, otherwise Full HD still looks gorgeous in my eyes. I would say 18-20 hours of calI, 10-12 hours of browsing, and 10-12 hours of videoplay should be a good minimum to aim for (if Quad HD), while of course if with Full HD normally it should be much longer. But it is Sony we're talking about here, the masters of battery endurance in the smartphone age, apart from M*to Dr*id T*rbo and L*n*vo P series, so I'm sure those minimum numbers should be easy for Sony. By the way, back in the dumbphone age, the champ of battery endurance was N*kia, if I'm not mistaken. I won't say anything about cameras as I don't use them much, but I do agree Sony should at least add a flash or two, helps during power outage, blackouts, camping and the like. With specs like that, RAM should be no less than 4GB, as the big screen allows multiple small apps to be open simultaneously, remember that multitasking requires a lot of RAM. Everyone else leaving the 16GB minimum internals over for 32GB, so are we. Then of course, comes along other Sony flagship standards: superb built quality, dust & waterproofing, stereo front facing speakers, and the best connectivity options available.

  • SeanG

i had the Z Ultra EVERYWHERE AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE i went people wanted to know what the hell it was (@the club @the Beach@the Store @Work )
i showed it to many people
gave them Demos
described the features
and EVERY SINGLE TIME without exception no kidding
people would say the same things to me
where did u get this phone ?
its made by who ??
how come i have never heard of this phone ???
where can i get one ????
PEOPLE DONT KNOW WHAT SONY HAS GOING ON in the mobile phone Market
when u design and create superior products dont keep them a secret
i have had the iphones
i have had the Galaxy Notes
the Larger Xperia Ultra Phones not only look better but also
have a far superior interface for PC & MAC
the only weakness in the Z Ultra was the camera & lack of FLASH
that phone was WAY ahead of its time
u could re-release that phone now with the same crappy camera and a FLASH and it would sell if you let people know about it
my mom wants a Z4 Ultra
my brother wants a Z4 Ultra
My son wants a Z4 Ultra
I WANT A Z4 Ultra !!!!
shame on you Sony for forcing me the buy a phone like the REST of the herd
there seems to be a fatal disconnect between the manufacturer and the customer needs
i will be buying the Huawei P8 Max because u have FORCED me to do so again... ; (

  • mas39

The Z4 Ultra will never be released, the Z5 Ultra is expected to be released in March 2016 with the s820, 4K resolution and 23mp camera.

  • Anonymous

I went to sony's official site they had a list of new phones this phone wasn't on there I was hoping to buy this phone I guess not know I'll get sony z ultra instead.

  • AnonD-442764

I hope they add some sort of s pen or something i was a note user at first but my only regret after switching to z ultra that it got a messive screen but no s pen and pathetic multitasking other then that perfect phone never been more happy then a phone before cant wait for the next gen ultra and i thing z5 premium is a good sign that z5 ultra will also get a 4k screen because thats the only premium phablet of sony and i hope they add playstation vita support so we can play vita games on ultra that would be a gamer changer

  • ForeverBattery

I hope Sony would release mid-range version with a massive battery. Battery capacity/life is one where Sony lags; in this category, Chinese phones dominate. This model is making up for it but other models suffer horribly. I would buy Sony if battery capacity and life gets better. Keep it up, Sony!

  • AnonD-275228

My contract is up in 10 months.. I have as yet no alternative to my awesome Z ultra.. Bloody hurry up Sony.. Don't make me buy a Shamdung..Please lobby Sony to replace the Z.U. With a newer improved one.. Preferably with a flash!

  • Anonymous

They didn't release it , they were supposed to release it much earlier this year

  • Arnab

They will not lauch this phone, cannot wait for the z5 ultra to come out in march 2016.

  • AnonD-437956

AnonD-437956, 07 Sep 2015Like it. When come out?Is it fake?