Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

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  • Ania

Sony,please build the same body phone again.If you will,i will love you forever:)

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2020This is 4g phone? Yes

  • Anonymous

This is 4g phone?

  • Josh V

I remember having this phone. It looks cool when bezel thickness are still not a thing. Nowadays, this phone looks like a crap.But still useful as a car seat tv-ish.

  • Trevor Javier

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020but still does it have a fingerprint scanner or not?? No, it does not have a fingerprint scanner, it was released in 2013.

  • Anonymous

but still does it have a fingerprint scanner or not??

  • Ania

OHMZ, 22 Nov 2019Sometimes the battery deteriorate too fast due to bad moreyes,I agree,but my point is if the phone is made in 2013,the battery might be kind of old too...

  • BASSstarlet

OHMZ, 22 Nov 2019Sometimes the battery deteriorate too fast due to bad moreHow its possible to overcharge since the phone controls the charging procedure?

Endymion Rosli , 01 Nov 2019It's still the best phablet phone ever since came until now.can ... moreAbsolutely correct.. My love for this phone is still strong.. This phone will always remain unique.

Ania, 10 Oct 2019I would love to buy Sony Xperia Z Ultra from Ebay,i still see th... moreSometimes the battery deteriorate too fast due to bad of the biggest mistakes is to overcharge the phone or use a charger with different ratings.. Imei only gives the full details of the phone in general but not the battery itself..the Z ultra battery is not that good but can survive like a day with minimum usage..heavy gaming consume it's power too fast due to its power hungry processor + the big screen size which also dissipate alot of light and also depends on the temperatures of the place you are living, high temperature environment makes the phone overheat too quickly which in return affects the battery.

  • Endymion Rosli

It's still the best phablet phone ever since came until now.can play game ML and PUBG In medium quality.such Xperia 10 plus are better but the design are suck.i hope Sony designers can make this concept back to famous Xperia z family.

  • Ania

I would love to buy Sony Xperia Z Ultra from Ebay,i still see them for sale.My old Experia was made in China in 2013 and survived till now.So recently i bought one made in Malysia,but there was a battery issue,i think might be the old supply?Anyone knows how to buy newer model with good battery?Does Imei number tells the date of phone production?

  • Anonymous

Alas my xperia z ultra screen cracked. Been 6 years & dropped so many times but worked just like new.

  • TheGingerSage

It may not be the best for photos but with the API being Jellybean through Lollipop plus the Snapdragon 800 I may have found the next best audio engine capable of competing with my custom hd audio Galaxy S⁴

  • Thrashed

AnonD-676693, 06 Jan 2018I'm aware that a 128GB SD CARD will work. Anyone able to use a ... moreThe last support for SD Card was only 64 bit... but not recommended... Im using 32 gb only...

  • TrasheD

I have this phone now and been use this kind of phone for 3 years start before im married and no i have 2 kids... Well it still awesome and perfect for the gamers.. Game like free fire and pubg are in medium or low graphic are perfect.. Mobile legend work perfectly and its its build for the Phone Gamers.. Even it was old or build in 2013 but think it still can support the 2018-2019 gamer..
Well done Sony.. Plus with the Ram only 2gb it capability were about 4gbram for smartphone now days..
Still did not change the battery and it still in good intact.. Plus using the casing like
Devil Case make this look more gorgoues.. Try it out... I got the silver one..

  • Anonymous

I have a Xperia Z Ultra and its actually good for gaming
For gamers i recommend this phone
But for people who loves taking photos i dont recommend this to you
And also the phone Heats up fast when there are too many apps running
Battery life can last half a day Depends on what apps your using
And yes it can Run Pubg (Low and Medium Graphics) but some are able to run HD

  • Albert

It's an.old model u have to reduce the price , Rs , 16000/ - we can not still effort it,

  • Albert

Actually it's an old model they h

  • gamelist

jefri jeje, 21 Dec 2018i want to buy this phone now, but how about performance game 201... more
I have the same device and it is very powerful even nowadays it is able to run pubg (graphic low or medium) without being the lite version but the snapdragon will warm up a little bit faster