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I have Sony Xperia ZR - C5502 - Indian variant.. it doesn't offer 4g in its official ROM.. As it's also offered in LTE variants around the world with 4g working (the c5503 variant)..

So, I just want to ask.. if we flash C5503 variant compatible ROM to this C5502 indian variant model, then will i be able to use 4g in this indian variant.. (Both models have same processor)

After 8 Years this phone STILL going like a champppp im not repairing anything on my ZR just replacing battery #MyGoodOldFriend

My 12th phone and my 6th smartphone, gotta love that battery swapping ability.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-660879, 11 Apr 2017Just bought Japanese Docomo version of ZR, shipped with 8GB... moreYour need to set up your APN manually

  • Sony's

Re instal firmware using flashtool with out wipe user data.

I have sony Xperia that stopped booting.
I need to retreive the data in it.
How to fix it without loosing data.

  • Farish

shafiq, 22 Sep 2019any suggest to make 4G... im from pahangGo to setting and choose LTE i use zr too

  • ZRxperia

C5503 only have LTE signal, C5502 2G-3G only in hardware.

  • Hema

Could you please tell me how to update my Sony Xperia zr c5502 into 4g

  • shafiq

Afatt, 13 Sep 2019Mine docomo set, buy with affordable price, MYR150. Everyth... moreany suggest to make 4G... im from pahang

  • Afatt

shafiq, 21 Dec 2018cheap for MYR 160.. wise spec.. use as backup phone.. mine ... moreMine docomo set, buy with affordable price, MYR150. Everything working fine, got 4g line in my area n9. Maybe your phone got different 4g bandwidth, or using other country rom, or got region lock.

  • Julio Putra

enurt, 24 Apr 2019recently i forgot my password in my zr. and i send it in to... morehey u just need the newest firmware and then flash it manually using flashtool , so many tutor on google u can try it

  • enurt

recently i forgot my password in my zr. and i send it in to shop to bypass it, and fair enough he did that but install a previous version software andriod jellybean 4.3. and now i can't upgrade it back to android 5. even using pc companion it say already have the latest version.

Actually this was an good phone, 5 years i've been using this phone, and it can run so many apps and high graphics game smoothly without lagging, but when this phone is heating, this phone become a bit laggy, overall this was an nice phone for the price

  • shafiq

cheap for MYR 160.. wise spec.. use as backup phone.. mine 2gb ram and 32gb rom docomo set.. just it not 4G just H+ im malaysia.. why indonesia get 4G line?? allready set but just H+ line detect.. any suggest?

  • Raza

How to upgrade Android on sony experia zr docomo

  • Trisan40 all socmed

syam, 19 Mar 2018What is the yellow hole function ?Magnetic charge

  • xperia user

Just root your xperia for move apps to microSD, change bootanimation, and change font.

  • syam

What is the yellow hole function ?

  • Anonymous

Can i ask. Did app can move to external memory (sd card)? Anybody know?