SoundAssistant by Samsung is a new Galaxy app for personalized audio

Yordan, 29 May 2017

Today Samsung launched an app called SoundAssistant, created to tailor the sound experience of your phone to your ears.

The volume could be set finer than ever with 150 steps of adjustment. There is also a floating launcher for a faster reach of the audio settings. With the new app, you can build different sound scenarios for different environments.

An option called Dual app sound makes your Galaxy phone play music from two apps simultaneously. You could also regulate the volume of each app - this comes handy when you are blasting music at home through a Bluetooth speaker, but want to check out a cool video on YouTube.

There is an option for turning on Mono sound, and you can even set up the right/left balance for headphones. You can also remap the volume button.

The app is already on Google Play and is available on all Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones.



Reader comments

  • Babu

i have a Samsung galaxy note 2 my ear sound is off i don't understand how i can adjust ear sound?

  • Anonymous

I understand why you said that in response to them and it doesn't look like anyone else read why you said it. However...who cares? They all copy each other. Htcs last phone looked like a galaxy. Any phone that plays and records HD video is c...

  • Anonymous

Um no. The sound quality especially is generally cleaner with Samsung. And with the exynos versions just blows HTC and must others out of the water

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