SoundCloud to charge $9.99/month for its new subscription service

Victor, 29 March, 2016

If you are an audiophile and especially one immersed in the vast indie scene, then SoundCloud is surely a second home for you. Now, the platform has been working hard on expanding its reach and appeal recently, striking various deals with the likes of Sony and other titans in the music industry.

As a direct result, the German company is now ready to out its own on-demand music streaming service - SoundCloud Go. It is aimed squarely at other major players in the niche, like Spotify, Apple Music or Google Music and appears to be confident enough for a battle on equal grounds, as evident by the adopted industry-standard rate of $9.99/month.

The company has stressed that the service won't change for all its current free users, who enjoy the freedom of creative sharing. The new paid addition to the library will come in the shape of around 125 million tracks at launch. These will pop-up to non-paying users as well, but they will only get 30 second previews.

There is also a small catch in pricing. The $9.99 per month standard tier is actually $12.99 for Apple users to compensate for the company's 30% cut. Existing SoundCloud Pro Unlimited users will be charged $4.99 a month.

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Reader comments

Is that only if the artist/label allows that or is it just random?

  • Anonymous

False, they are making some tracks to be only previews unless you have a GO subscription as it has just started happening to me and other users.

  • AnonD-493815

$9.99 a month probably means £19.99 for the UK market