Spice Mi-436 Stellar Glamour

Spice Mi-436 Stellar Glamour

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  • sanju

suggestion everyone not purchase any spice phone because there phone not reperable.

  • rajesh

bhagat, 01 Oct 2015sim2 and card not supportedI always knw tht spice is good bt this set is very bad.. Ist hang problm and also dead no repairing.. Any where.. And batri is so poor..bkwas set money wested phon..never purchase.. This phone

  • akash

never purchase this phone..Not only phone dead but also user hang because of service centre suggestions.

  • sgp

I purchased SPICE MI436 1 YEAR BACK. It become dead and not repairable. Please don't buy this set. This is worst set.

  • bhagat

sim2 and card not supported

  • ram

pls don't buy this set .I purchased 1 year ago after warranty period battery swollen in service centre they told it will cost 800/- I bought it then 1st sim slot not working they said soft ware problem I paid 2500/- to fix that one now phone is completely dead in service centre they says it's not repairable so my suggestion pls pls pls don't buy

  • reshab shaw

Never purchse this phone.i purchsed this phone last year august 2014.this year september 2015 my phone pc is damaged.i went to service center.they told me if u want to get back this set wel as like before then u have to pay rs.2700.
so never purchse spice mi 436 model

  • yuvraj

very worst handset I purchased 2years ago 1st battery gone I didn't get another one ,1 sim card slot not working ,frequently hanging, getting over heated,hopeless response from service centre and now finally mobile completely dead my suggestion don't buy this set very problematic

  • rakesh

zee, 15 Aug 2015it's a very very baad phone once there is a software problem n n... moresafe mode

  • zee

it's a very very baad phone once there is a software problem n now people at care center says this cannot be repaired....it's a bad phone

  • AnonD-409639

best phone
it fall from 8 foot height but no t even a single scratch or break
average battery backup
no hank
average camera

  • AnonD-409639

mah, 05 Apr 2015Poor battery, bad camera quality, no battery backup, bad service... moredownload hd camera ultra app

  • Dpom

worst exp with d batt...it'll swell after d warranty period...no replacement found yet.

  • amol

worst battery back up ever.Dont Buy ItPlease,please,please..............,,,,,! Thank You.!

  • Anonymous

Harmeet Singh, 28 Mar 2015Awesome Phone Good Battery Life High performance Iam using this ... moreBro nothing problem your battery
My phone battery is very bad

  • avijit

anil, 07 Dec 2014Suggest me which battery i can use for this phone. This phone battery is very bad
Because battery nit charged

  • aditi

battery back up is very bad .......

  • Anonymous

Manojit Dhar, 01 May 2015Can any one please provide me the battery for spice mi436https://www.maxbhi.com/battery-for-spice-mi-436-­stellar-glamour.html?gclid=CML6nvb51sUCFYUnjgode­GoATg

  • subhas

i using this set last 7 month and it fall dowm 10 time this working properly this is very good phone. i recommended my many friends .they also satisfied.

  • Manojit Dhar

Can any one please provide me the battery for spice mi436