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Spice Mi-720

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  • austin

memory is too low

  • AnonD-28100

krish, 18 Oct 2011Hi i am using it for a month, and i must say..... till now not a... moreHi... Please check the accelerometer!!? I was told by the company officials that problem exists in all the Mi720 tabs. Play "Raging thunder" or any other similar games

  • AnonD-28100

I have this tab and these are my observation and my opinion to people who are planning to buy: Please do not buy this tab! Read on:

The product has problems with the accelerometer and the attitude of the company towards it customers.

I observed right from the day I bought the tab that accelerometer was misaligned. For example, while playing accelerometer based games the control was reversed. If your want to turn right and tilt the tab to right the car would turn left. However the G-senor worked fine and would change from portrait to landscape mode easily when not playing games.

I went to spice service center many times but they could not rectify as they had no clue how to solve this.

When I wrote a complaint mail to the company (their call center is horrible) they responded and asked me to go to their service center again. This is when I was told by them that this can not be rectified and this problem is there in all their Mi720 tabs.

They gave me a note from the service center saying this tab can not be repaired and I would be given a replacement. Guys they were literally saying go and take another tab with a same problem!!!

The funny and sad part is they are aware of the fact that this manufacturing defect exists in all Mi720 and Spice still sells this. Now I am asking them for a full refund of money as they can not replace my tab with a proper, fully functional one.

They are seriously trying to avoid this and not responding properly.

So People please do not buy this Tab from Spice as they are actually trying to cheat people by selling a defective product.

  • vivek

whta's the cost of dis awesome mobile phn....tell me ???

  • augh

Looks like great specs.

can anyways confirm if it would support Skype video calls?

  • xyz

where it is available in delhi.?it is no available any retail store or any online store..so plz tell me when it is available...is it availble before diwala becuse i want to pursase it on diwali...plz any tell me????

  • krish

JHONY, 17 Oct 2011is it dual sim No its not dual sim.

  • krish

Hi i am using it for a month, and i must say..... till now not a single tab came which can give a fight to its features and price combination.

i am using reliance sim(2G), and i must say its wonderful.
battery is awesome, last for 2 days with light music and browsing.
movies played without any hicks.
calling and managing calls is also wowed me.


is it dual sim

  • Anonymous

this is cheap and good go get it

  • AnonD-25341

it really sucks i didnt like it ...it gets hanged so many times ...i even re-installed the Android OS, v2.2 but still no use ..

  • AnonD-25149

I am using this tab from a month & i found it reasonably gud performer according to its price only thing is that cam is not that good but it clicks few decent images in daylight only..screen is good with great resolution..it supports hd playback so watching video on it is a great fun..internet connectivity is great,even now m logged in to it while posting this comment..performance otherwise is good & its definetly worth buying at half a price of samsung galaxy tab..though if you have money then galaxy tab is always a better option.