Spotify launches video podcasts on free and premium tiers

Ricky, 21 July 2020

On Tuesday, Spotify announced its new video podcasts. Podcast listeners will be able to watch a small number of podcasts on video in all markets where Spotify already has Podcasts rolled out. You'll still be able to listen to Podcasts the same way, the only difference is some podcasts would let you watch a video along with the audio.

Spotify lists the following podcasts will now offer a visual or video feed along with the audio track:

  • Book Of Basketball 2.0
  • Fantasy Footballers
  • The Misfits Podcast
  • H3 Podcast
  • The Morning Toast
  • Higher Learning with Van Lathan & Rachel Lindsay
  • The Rooster Teeth Podcast

Spotify reminds that if you happen to leave the app while watching a podcast, the audio will continue in the background. As well, listeners can still download the audio-only version for offline listening.

Spotify launches video podcasts on free and premium tiers

Video podcasts are nothing new. I was downloading video podcasts from iTunes and watching them on my iPod video over a decade ago. Podcasts are rising in popularity in recent years with how accessible they have become in popular music services such as Spotify, and it's become a way for celebrities to have a longer format to speak to their audience.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

This video podcast is both available for Spotify free and Premium member right? I agree that we are now paying for too many streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Spotify... Bills can be quite scary when these all add up. To save some money, I use...

  • Zig

Still can't listen to podcasts without Spotify shuts down from time to time and I can find no reason. And so I've been downloading podcasts from Spotify with TunesKit Spotify Music Converter and play them on my built-in player ...

  • conarDsilva

i think Spotify should partner with netflix. because paying for netflix alone is not worth it. netflix is good but way too overpriced. Spotify is okay but you have so many other options so why pay. so if they partner it will be benifits for both. che...

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