Spotify reaches 100 million Premium subscribers

Ro, 29 April 2019

Spotify just announced that it reached a big milestone - 100 million paid users. That's almost half of the service's total users. Those listening on the free tier are 117 million.

The official launch in India helped a lot last quarter as about million users signed up the first week and that number doubled in the next month or so. Unfortunately, though, even that's not enough to propel Spotify into profiting.

The company lost about 142 million in Q1 2019, which is in contrast to December's 442 million in profit. At least it's less than last year's Q1 when Spotify lost 169 million.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

It is LG V30. It is pointed with no notch, headphone jack at the upper right corner, and nav button that expand the app to fullscreen,

Is this a joke? lol! Apple Music has already outshined Spotify when in the US when it comes to paid subscribers! It isn't gonna take so long for the same to repeat elsewhere in the world too! Just wait dear...

Such a waste of money but i dont care because its people i mean their customer decision.