Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin presents the Chairman phone

26 March, 2009

It's fancy, fashionable, pretentious and extra expensive. It's both a mechanical watch and a smartphone. It takes 5 megapixel pictures and has Wi-Fi module. It's touch-enabled and it's called the Chairman phone.

The Swiss watch manufacturer called Ulysse Nardin have decided to hop on the mobile phone express and created their own luxury smartphone called the Chairman. What's most surprising about it is not the exterior, but rather its specs list.

Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman
Ulysse Nardin Chairman

The Chairman packs a 2.8-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, a 5 megapixel camera, has Wi-Fi connectivity and a fingerprint scanner used for unlocking the thing.

Being the world's first hybrid-powered smartphone, featuring a regular rechargeable battery plus a watch-like kinetic rotor system. It allows passive recharging on the battery while you are on the move - just like a wrist watch. Unfortunately, there is no word how much power will this kinetic system produce.

Chairman Chairman Chairman
Ulysse Nardin Chairman

The Ulysse Nardin will offer the extraordinary Chairman in Stealth Black, Rose Gold, Rose Gold & Blue, Rose Gold & Steel and Steel & Blue.

We guess, by now you're already itching to know the price - unfortunately, it's not revealed yet. But we are sure that those of you who would want to buy the Chairman won't really care about the number of zeros on the price tag.


Reader comments

  • someone

it has been aweosomly updated i n features check the official site

  • n86

i hv my house

  • Anonymous

This handset is clearly just for posers. There is no substance whatsoever. Get a life!!

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