Symbian^3 family grows as Nokia C6-01 starts shipping

4 November, 2010

Today Nokia announced that another of the devices unveiled at this yearís Nokia world started shipping. Nokia C6-01 is the most affordable Symbian^3 handset to date and also the most compact one.

The most interesting part of the Nokia C6-01 however is its 3.2Ē AMOLED display. Itís the first publicly available unit to use the new Nokia ClearBlack technology that promises to improve the image quality significantly. Considering that the non-ClearBlack Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 were pretty good we have some high hopes for these new screens.

The display aside, Nokia C6-01 packs virtually the same feature set as the more expensive C7. You get an 8 megapixel camera (regrettably fixed-focus), capable of recording HD video, 680 MHz CPU with dedicated graphics accelerator and 256 MB of RAM.

Of course, some sacrifices were needed for the price tag to be achieved and in this case itís the internal memory (only 340 MB and a 2GB card on the C6-01 vs 8GB on the C7) and the waistline (13.9mm vs 10.5mm).

It all sounds pretty decent actually considering the estimated retail price of 260 euro before taxes and subsidies.



Reader comments

  • nokia_guy

...guys, what do u think ...whats the best and comfortable system for this phone??? i mean the symbian 3 or Anna....

  • skm

if you change sim card and replace betary.c6 01 hang. Go to nokia care. Gave time 10-15 days. That right.

  • Jojin

Nokia rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i own Nokia c6_01 so it is very nice phone