T610 awarded Best Mobile Handset

27 Feb, 2004
The Sony Ericsson T610 with QuickShare won the Award for Best Mobile Handset, Terminal or Device in Technology Innovation section at the 3GSM Congress in Cannes. Since the announcement of its availability in 2003 the T610 has become the best selling camera phone in many European markets and has already won numerous industry and consumer awards.

The triple-band GSM/GPRS T610 is the first Sony Ericsson product equipped with QuickShare, which is making applications simple and easy-to-use for the consumer. A new user interface with 12 animated icons and rich colours pushes further the userfriendly concept of the T610.

The T610 has a 65,536 colour screen and an integrated digital camera. For the first time a Phone Flash accessory was available for the T610 comera phone, enabling to snap pictures even in dark environments. Bluetooth connectivity allows users to share information between the phone, a PC and other consumer devices - either locally over Bluetooth or cable, or across the mobile phone networks with MMS or e-mail.

The T610 supports the Java and Mophun platforms for downloadable games, and also offers the possibility of playing games with other people via Bluetooth wireless technology. Sony Ericsson T610 also features the Music DJ melody composer, for creating MIDI songs which can be used as ringtones. With Music DJ, Sony Ericsson makes it easy and fun to create and edit polyphonic ring signals using blocks containing ready-mixed drums, bass- lines and melodies.

Judges’ comments:
"The Sony Ericsson T610 is a great phone, almost faultless. Everything on it works. It opens up access to applications and technologies that people were not using before - now they use them because they can."

The nominees for Best Mobile Terminal, Handset or Device Award were: Treo 600, Motorola A835 and Sharp GX20.

Reader comments

I thought the Sony Ericsson Z1010 was better... and it was released the same year so... And also, this phone cannot compare to the Samsung E700

  • Anonymous

Cool.. this was the first article @GSMARENA

  • AnonD-449300

I read this on January 25, 2018

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