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  • Joe Johnson
  • IbE
  • 04 Jan 2022

I remember when I had this as a backup phone to my T-Mobile Vicinity which I got to use when my Vicinity was out of battery and this happened when I was picking up my T-Mobile Energy when there was a flood warning and I wasn't at home where I have lots of AM FM radio so I used my headphones to tune in to the Energy which had 75% battery on FM radio and it told me that I should go home on the news, I was indecisive since there was 4 feet of water and I was like should I go home or go to the store and get more on top of my pizza?

    • l
    • lukmly013
    • nin
    • 23 Apr 2020

    It looks like Samsung Galaxy Ace

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      • cronic
      • m5P
      • 02 Nov 2017

      Very cool mobile, camera's good video's good suprising really...

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        • Anonymous
        • d@D
        • 18 Jun 2015

        hard work

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          • T-Mobile Energy
          • fme
          • 25 Nov 2014

          input NP Code

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            • dharamraj
            • 9CM
            • 21 Nov 2014

            very biutyfull phone

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              • dnaggie
              • Nw}
              • 14 Aug 2014

              my touch screen woun't work, the apps menue is worst, a million tabs won't do anything. can i get help on this matter pls.

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                • thejunsk
                • sXI
                • 07 Dec 2013

                Vague, 26 Sep 2012No such thing as a manual? The tiny leaflet in the box tell... morethe manul is an e book on the phone its self

                  • s
                  • samzi
                  • nUh
                  • 05 Dec 2013

                  How to make the phone vibrate when someone calls

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                    • AnonD-29603
                    • dQn
                    • 21 Aug 2013

                    mr smartphone, 23 Jul 2013is this a android phone?No, T-Mobile's own operating system.

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                      • mr smartphone
                      • aXX
                      • 23 Jul 2013

                      is this a android phone?

                        • k
                        • kobicity
                        • fuv
                        • 16 Jul 2013

                        the touch pad of this phone type is not available, mine is damaged and i cant get one to buy. produce for sales......................

                          • s
                          • shaggydoo
                          • PVY
                          • 18 Jan 2013

                          AnonD-24089, 05 Jan 2013my touch pad isnt doing well... where can i get a new one....If your phone is still in warranty, contact your supplier for advice on that. If it is no longer in warranty you could still ask your supplier for advice, or contact Huawei as this phone is actually a re-badged Huawei G7300 model. Alternatively, go to a mobile phone repairer for advice. You will probably not find any generic touch screen to fit your phone as I suspect that this screen is custom made for this model.

                            • s
                            • shaggydoo
                            • PVY
                            • 18 Jan 2013

                            Vague, 26 Sep 2012No such thing as a manual? The tiny leaflet in the box tell... moreYou should have got an instruction manual with your phone when you got it. I suggest to go back to the store and demand they provide one. Alternatively you could download a pdf version from the Huawei web site as this phone is the same model as the Huawei G7300. I found the English manual for the G7300 dual sim version here:


                              • D
                              • AnonD-24089
                              • Mfx
                              • 05 Jan 2013

                              my touch pad isnt doing well... where can i get a new one....

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • tPF
                                • 20 Nov 2012

                                Vague, 26 Sep 2012No such thing as a manual? The tiny leaflet in the box tell... moredid u use this mobile? howz the touch?

                                  • V
                                  • Vague
                                  • nHR
                                  • 26 Sep 2012

                                  No such thing as a manual? The tiny leaflet in the box tells you nothing.

                                  This article lists specification but a hand book would be useful as the few minutes in the shop gets you nowhere.

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                                    • FRUSTRATED
                                    • nHR
                                    • 26 Sep 2012

                                    This phone is very good for THE PRICE: unfortunately texting is terrible as it goes awry half-way through.
                                    I went to T-Mobile shop in Basingstoke to change it for a Galaxy Mini but they were adamant once it left the shop that was that.

                                    What happened to consumer right I told them and I got a rude answer.

                                    A very disappointed consumer.

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • JaI
                                      • 16 Sep 2012

                                      How do u txt

                                        • l
                                        • leecoops
                                        • 3av
                                        • 19 Aug 2012

                                        A good little mobile for the price, txting can be a little fiddly but useable,the wifi works pretty good,the menu's are easy to navigate and the sound quality is fairly decent, i would recommend to anyone looking for a decent cheap mobile with wifi, bluetooth, expandable memory and a touch screen, well worth its money, if you want something similiar to an iphone then buy something else.