T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G1

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  • brynn

The fone too look at is not too bad but the o/s looks clean and crisp and fresh,,have seen other video clips on bbc news 24 and it looks fast and colourful..come on its got over a year to prove itself like apple did with its niggles..

  • kal

Thank but no thanks !!!!!!!! lol
android will be a good OS but the phone it self is a big joke, so guess what people are gonna think for android from now on - big joke as well.... sorry but apple wins this one

  • Anonymous

Android OS *-*

  • nonoyesyes

Okay guys, fair is fair, this phone sucks...but you gotta look at the real deal here...the digital compass. I mean...com'on, everybody wants a 2 year contract for a digital compass man. those things rock ass! whoo

  • twitchdude

GEEEZ this thing is HUGE. I dont have pockets big enough.