T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile G2

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  • Anonymous

Momoh kam, 28 Aug 2013It's nice anyway but I just have problem receiving data through ... moreon your discoverable

  • Anonymous

please i love the phone but need help,please how do i unlock the phone?it was sent from abroad

  • m4dh4x0r

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2013Hey Guys!! I had ordered for HTC Desire Z online... But I got ... moreThe htc G2 is identical to the HTC desire Z the only difference is the partition map, and you can change that by flashing the desire z HBOOT

  • m4dh4x0r

This is the best phone ive ever used, and ive had hundreds of android phones since its release, full keyboard is a must, the trackball is awesome for vnc/teamviewer/rdp i cant think of a downside im a real htc fan but this is my first android and ive never been without one i LOVE it!!

  • De emperor 10

i love it. Because its mini laptop

  • leksidr

insurance, 17 Sep 2013Hw can upgrade my G2 OS to 4.2 is it possibleu wan steal am?

  • cool azam

it is good fone..nd i love it..
but battery life is too law

  • insurance

Hw can upgrade my G2 OS to 4.2 is it possible

  • Anonymous

Horrible.3rd time sending it back, keyboard sticks adding a period & caps. Bad service, drops calls, sound like I'm underwater. Phone freezes in middle of text/facebook. Worst phone ever!

  • ocubed

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2013the phone automatically turned off after it got drained. i alrea... morePlease. I'll like to know more about the phone G2. I want to get one. Thanks and God bless

  • damiati

The phone is owk nd I love it.pls I wanna root d phone hw can I go abt it pls

  • anigaf

Okala, 08 Sep 2013Please how can I browse into my memory card and find things like... moreGo to google play to download file manager. I just downloaded mine today and it's working perfectly.

  • Okala

Please how can I browse into my memory card and find things like music and pictures??? I will love answers as many as possible. Thanks.

  • kunlexy

I like my G2 phone bt ve checkin on how to personalise my home screen skin bt ve nt been able to find d file.....

  • Patcares

Pls, how do i root my phone? I'll appreciate solution from as many as possible. Thanks.

  • Patcares

Please, how do i root my G2?

  • Momoh kam

It's nice anyway but I just have problem receiving data through bluetooth, wat shuld I do.

  • mayor

its still on point..the phone is cool and i love it..

  • Nous1

I got a farely used G2 few days later anything I tried doing that is related to sound, such as receiving calls, receiving message, trying to set ringtones, using the voice command, and adjusting volume. The phone will go off and turn on by itself. I have done factory reset yet the problem continues. Please help I love the because of the browsing speed and picture quality it is a grate phone. Please send a solution to my email (imaerele@Gmail.com)

  • nobelyn

It is Superb