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T-Mobile G2x

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  • Dmitry
  • Yb0
  • 10 Oct 2021

I bought this second hand phone ages ago, don't remember when, maybe 8 years ago. I used it for quite a while. I've had different phones since then but I still use it as an MP3 player to this day in late 2021. A great, solidly built phone. It still has the original battery, charges fast and holds it well, like playing music overnight while I sleep. It is the reason I opted for LG phones.

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    • vaS
    • 24 Jan 2017

    This was my 1st samrtphone. In the beginning, it was really cool. Especially the clear 8 MP front camera. But as time goes by, it becomes very slow. I almost throw it. That's why I bought a new quad core phone.

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      • Anonymous
      • M6r
      • 25 Aug 2016

      I am a long time user of this phone had it for years, survived a house fire still using it in 2016
      And it still works great for me.Not my main phone but I still use it a lot

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        • Cassette Warlord
        • YeQ
        • 11 Jun 2016

        koolkid19, 30 Apr 2014Im writing this right now on my tmobile g2x. I dont know wh... moreI know its a good phone. Sure a little slow but all in all its a very good phone currently typing on one. People always bash non Samsung and apple phones
        ill give this phone a 9/10

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          • Anonymous
          • YhY
          • 23 May 2016

          This phone is great... as long as you root it, drop CM7 on it and only use it as an mp3 player.

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            • Adam
            • 47V
            • 27 Aug 2015

            Jozzy, 25 Aug 2015Hi what is wrong with this phone?i just bought this phone l... moreIf you just bought this phone Aug. 25, 2015 you got swindled. I bought this phone 4+ yrs ago and it was the top of the line. They stopped updating the firmware like 9 months into its release and it downgraded in performace ever since then and has continually sludged down.

            I suggest you trade your phone in and get a new phone. I am getting my Galaxy Note 5 delivered tomorrow. I am so glad to get rid of this phone although it has been great up until lately.

            PS: Also when I upgraded to my new Note 5 I was told by T-mobile that it was good that I was upgrading because they had just downgraded the G2X's data to only 2g instead of 4g. They offered me a free $100 phone (junk) but I wanted the Note 5 so they took $100 off of the price of it.

            I hope you end up getting the device you will enjoy.

              • J
              • Jozzy
              • guY
              • 25 Aug 2015

              Hi what is wrong with this phone?i just bought this phone last week n is very slow, it switch off at any time ,i cnt put memory card in n when i do so the phone cnt turn on n it normally heat. This phone is really a bomb. It shd be out from the market. Is too disgusting

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • ftV
                • 10 Jul 2015

                Can't i upgrade the phone, and I'm having problems connecting to the net

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                  • AnonD-381135
                  • U{J
                  • 31 Mar 2015

                  I’m using mobile 2 years based on that im sharing my experience actually it’s Poor mobile quality and rebooting frequently. Many times hangs on frequently need to reboot manually and many time manual switch of / reboot also will not work due to that we need to remove the battery to reboot the G2x mobile. It’s really worst experience for me.

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                    • tivoom
                    • Iax
                    • 09 Jan 2015

                    Slow ... slow .... slow ....locks up .... needs lots of reboots to keep it above very slow ...

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                      • kizoo
                      • fsW
                      • 19 Nov 2014

                      pls if i share file it go straight to phone memory why or there is a settings? 2. pls show me the fm radio??

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                        • AnonD-329211
                        • fq8
                        • 09 Nov 2014

                        why does it go off automatically when am downloading some staff online

                          • c
                          • crawling critter
                          • YgW
                          • 26 Oct 2014

                          Ive had this phone for a year. its horrible. very slow and slow and old operating system. dont bother.

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                            • humraz jay
                            • fmx
                            • 17 Sep 2014

                            can I get the network unlock pin. from Kenya

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                              • iSMELLsomthing
                              • Q%K
                              • 11 Aug 2014

                              Anonymous, 17 Feb 2014I was very excited about this phone when I first purchased ... moreDon't be so obvious annonymouse

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                                • AnonD-272346
                                • S0u
                                • 09 Jun 2014

                                how unlock my lg
                                can you send me the unlock no.

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                                  • darious24555
                                  • kVT
                                  • 19 May 2014

                                  Its a decent phone, but kinda wish I could upgrade OS. It has actually survived children, which is near impossible. Got it when it was new, but should problably upgrade.

                                    • k
                                    • koolkid19
                                    • 8bC
                                    • 30 Apr 2014

                                    Im writing this right now on my tmobile g2x. I dont know what all these people are complaining about... do you guys all work for apple or samsung or something? I got this phone a year ago and it still works great and does everything i need it to. This isnt exactly the iphone 5 but i didnt have to spend 400 bucks or get on a contract to get one.

                                    Hdmi out is great. Decent tegra 2 3d graphics. Camera is decent. 4g and wifi work well. No dropped calls. Touchpad is responsive. I do wish i could update the os and get hid support for a bluetooth keyboard though. I havr had a freeze here and there if too much background stuff is running but i dont need to run 20 apps at once anyways.

                                      • L
                                      • Ladysweet
                                      • fuv
                                      • 04 Apr 2014

                                      hello guys
                                      i need help, my videos are not displaying big as a used to be. my videos r very small when i'm playing them.

                                        • a
                                        • androidjunkie
                                        • YiJ
                                        • 10 Mar 2014

                                        update your g2x manually on lg.com to version P999-V21y and the shut downs/overheating etc should all be fine after update. automatic updates Over the Air were limited time, you must update yourself now to fix those issues.