T-Mobile Garminfone

T-Mobile Garminfone

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  • Anthony

This device appears to be running ANDROID 1.6 firmware with garmins premium navigation system and google turn by turn directions (google maps beta). As far as upgrading the firmware, it isnt known whether and over the air update of the andriod os wil be released.

  • Anonymous

Given that the chipset is Qualcomm MSM7227 according to http://www.garminasus.com/en_US/phones/garminfon­e/specs.html, the processor is 600mHz according to http://news.softpedia.com/news/Qualcomm-Announce­s-Low-Cost-MSM7227-Chipset-104554.shtml.

Android OS is 1.6 and no official plans yet for any newer release.

Looks like a good phone for right for this year. Considering Droid and iPhone are releasing tomorrow, EVO has released, and all Android phones get free Google Maps navigation, this phone seems overpriced and outdated already. Nexus One would be better and is already on T-Mobile.

The phone only has assisted GPS. This means you have to be within T-Mobiles coverage area which is very limited once you get outside of a city where you would like want to use this (for hiking, camping, exporing). The phone would be more appealing if it could function as a GPS without cell service. I have a Garmin standalone GPS. It's old but works fine everywhere with no service charge. You could probably buy it used for $40. The newer nuvis are only $99.

  • bill

Sale, 21 Jun 2010It's the same as Asus nuvifone A50 http://www.gsmarena.com/garmi... moreand the 3g bands

  • fadz

this phone is good looking. yet, the OS seems like Android 1.0. it's not listed what version from the specs. my question now if this phone is upgradeable to Android 2.2?

  • Sale

It's the same as Asus nuvifone A50 http://www.gsmarena.com/garmin_asus_nuvifone_a50­-3139.php . The only difference us the branding.

  • crazyedy

I do not know what processor is in this thing, but been using this phone for a couple of days now, and I can tell you, it's pretty quick, almost as fast as my Nexus one. And in regards to Garmin interface, I downloaded GDE home replacement from market, and this thin flies, and looks great and add to that Beautiful widgets, also from market and it looks better than most phone out there. Nice phone...

  • Anonymous

Another T-Mobile steaming pile..

  • Anonymous

Why is this so expensive?? N8 looks better than this

  • todd

another winner phone from tmo....lol

  • Anonymous

well one reason everyone wants a snapdragon on the phone is because the MSM chips are quite old, and a lot of new phone features are external chips.
The snap dragon has a bunch of neat things built into it, like gps, fm radio receiver etc, and because of this i think it helps battery life slightly,
and i know beyond doubt that because snapdragon chips have gps built into it, gps software lock onto satellites really fast (unlike the msm run phones that usually take a whole lotta time)

  • neel

hows phone work

  • Synergous

It SHOULD be a Snapdragon, unfortunately they've knee-capped it (smashed it in the knee-caps with a blunt, and heavy object, there-by slowing it down needlessly) and given it the Qualcomm MSM7227, which is for cheap (sub $150) smartphones, not $200+ smartphones (seeing as that's $200 WITH a 2yr contract). What a waste.

  • Bob

Derek, 01 May 2010why does the processor have to be a snapdragon? Because snapdragon processors rullllllleee man !!!

  • Derek

why does the processor have to be a snapdragon?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2010Does anyone know what kind of processor this thing is going to h... moreQualcomm MSM7227

  • john hand cock

Chris, 21 Apr 2010Does it come with Google Navigation? :p it comes with a small q-tip size stylus for you to suck on...

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know what kind of processor this thing is going to have? If it doesn't have the Snapdragon 1ghz it's going to be pointless.

  • Anonymous

Anyone know how kind of processor this thing is supposed to have? I don't know if it's worth it unless it's the Snapdragon 1Gig.

  • minizobi

is nice to have garmin for offline nav but specs are 1st gen android phone like htc magic / mytouch 3G. welcome back to 2008.

  • Anonymous

looks cheap