T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

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  • Anonymous

plz got problemz of battery also

  • Mzstical

Hi everyone I am having problem with my camera.when I take a shot it turn supside down

  • AnonD-70249

AnonD-67628, 20 Aug 2012please i need help in my memory, the phone stores all applicatio... morego to your 'application manager' at settings and uninstall some of your apps. then download android file manager from android market to help you manage space.

  • AnonD-70249

for battery life to stay longer, make sure your 3G internet network is off as well as background synchronise. you can also download 'Battery Dr Saver' from the android market for free to help you.

  • sympathy

Musa, 24 Aug 2012Why is that my battery doesnt last?my phone battery does not last loner

  • mfonsky

Please I need help, my T-mobile mytouch 3G Slide just developed a problem that needs help, I switched off for about 4hours when switched on again it playing demo doesn't on the phone again, please help. Thanks

  • Musa

Why is that my battery doesnt last?

  • AnonD-67628

please i need help in my memory, the phone stores all applications in the internal memory thereby making it filled, and now i can no longer download anything, please help me

  • Lil nas

my phone pattern lock was drawn many times,so it has lock automatically and it requires me to sign in with my Google account to unlock it but all my effort has proved abortive.please what can i do to unlock it?

  • dallasuarez

am having problems with my SD card slot. i have the SD card but when i slot it, it doesn't show..... what could probably be the problem

  • norks

val, 20 Jul 2012my touch screen fell off and i have been trying to replace it bc... morehtc my touch3g slide has showed black screen can i get someone help me to fix it i have tried took out the battery and placed back it don work

  • gtech

steve, 06 Apr 2012pls how can i configure my t-mobile 3G slide to browseConfiguring is very simple go to Settings-Wireless and Networks-mobile networks access point names- press the second key after home key click new apn then add the following
For mtn in nigeria
name:MTN or any other
APN : web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
proxy :
port : 8080
user name :web
password :web
leave the rest and click back then click the circular structure near thee name
i use this for my etisalat sim
leave the rest and ok

  • Alvernese

This S A Good Phone But It Reboots Itself WhenTrying To Make A Call Or Acessing The Internet And Ive Recently Learned Its Not. Just my Phone But People Every Where are experiencing this problem. With their HTC MYTOUCH 3G SLIDE

  • val

defoghe, 03 Jul 2012U don't need any unlock,I can configure it,I have configured min... moremy touch screen fell off and i have been trying to replace it bcos i can't call or operate must of the features bcos of the buttons. what can i do. tnx.

  • musa

I want to bar incoming calls but the phone kept asking me a password. please help me out.

  • defoghe

Abba, 18 May 2012I live in nigeria,i got dis phone less than a week nw bt am find... moreU don't need any unlock,I can configure it,I have configured mine and it works for my both lines,mtn and airtel,call me on 08064869887

  • AnonD-61147

and this is amazing you can install Ice Cream Sandwich on MT3GS


  • ssyggi

please i mistakenly factory reset my phone (T-Mobile myTouch 3G slide). now all my system and application data and settings are gone and my phone doesnt work like before, please i need help on how to replace those data and settings. thanks. please i need this asistance urgently.

  • Anonymous

hina, 22 Jun 2012anybody knows how to update android 2.1 to 2.2 for my touch 3g slide?Download the update from HTC website and connect to PC

  • Gentle Player

I am a Warri boy from Delta State, Nigeria. The phone is good but i don?t know how to go about the browsing settingsg. I need a guideline...