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T-Mobile Prism

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  • 3ak
  • 01 Jul 2018

Is it possible to top up an irish bought prism in u.k.?

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    • Anonymous
    • Ibx
    • 11 Nov 2015

    Anonymous, 10 Feb 2014Yes, it supports 3G (HSDPA) as well as 2g (GSM/EDGE).I wish it also had 4g and it would be better to start making updates more common.

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      • hussain
      • w4c
      • 06 Jan 2015

      Please provide upc code for this mobile...

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        • jingle
        • b6x
        • 28 Nov 2014

        Anonymous, 20 Sep 2014It's an ok phone if you only want to make calls but does no... moreU do have to explore its capabilities -I like the prism because you can if U know what U R doing actually control it. Many "smartphones" will not allow U to tweak the OS ect. and I do not mean jailbreak.

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          • Anonymous
          • r$6
          • 20 Sep 2014

          It's an ok phone if you only want to make calls but does not work as a smartphone. You can't download a apps and is not compatible with many but it's durable. I have dropped it many times and no cracks while my brother has a better phone and he already has a crack.

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            • SUsie
            • I5s
            • 15 Sep 2014

            Worst phone ever. First phone after flip phone. Loved my flip phone - T Mobile. It got stolen. This is just junk. Touch screen is flaky, flaky, flaky. Loads like internet dial up. Works fine if you have the rest of your life to wait for it to do anything. And drops command. Just flaky.

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              • Anonymous
              • 4qQ
              • 05 Jul 2014

              This phone is junk all the way, Can't do nothing with it. phone doesn't have enough storage space and the battery can't hold a charge for a long time, have to keep it charging most of the time and after it's been charging for while, Phone gets little hot and screws up!!! Also starting having problems with phone not wanting to boot up after restarting !!! I got so frustrated with the phone, I broke it in half and threw it in the trash and said screw it! I'm sick of T-Mobile and their unloyalty to their customers!!!

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                • kj
                • Ibx
                • 21 Jun 2014

                This phone is horrible i cant even download clash of clans and it is a great first phone but i cant wait to get my new phone galaxy exhibit but is the phone i am getting good please tell me

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                  • Anonymous
                  • sbL
                  • 17 May 2014

                  Maggie, 17 Mar 2013i was very dissapionted with this model. It is slow and unf... moreA friend of mine upgraded her phone an gave me her T mobile prism phone. I gave it to my girlfriend an she was totally frustrated trying to use it. It wouldnt ring half the time when I called her, an it was difficult to send messages. I took it home, removed some of the program clutter and it works great. If your looking for a cheap inexpensive touch screen phone, this is a great start. If your one of those people who likes sending a million messages, downloading tons of programs and taking 100.s of pictures, you should get a more expensive phone. This is a fun starter phone for someone to play with. Its not designed to be a top of the line phone.. If someone sells you one cheap, I would take it..

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                    • Anonymous
                    • kxR
                    • 13 May 2014

                    this phone is junk. the storage issues really are my biggest problem.it will not let you send anything to SD card.The sound is lame very low quality camera.wish it had been a better deal. now IM looking to leave T-Mobile and get a better phone

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                      • Leenaxoxo
                      • CaE
                      • 07 May 2014

                      I don't like this phone because it is very very slow and has no flash. Also the storage space is a huge issue for me because i like to take a lot of pictures(even have and SD card) I can't wait to upgrade.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Y6h
                        • 10 Feb 2014

                        Anonymous, 05 Nov 2013does this phone support 3g Yes, it supports 3G (HSDPA) as well as 2g (GSM/EDGE).

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                          • Anonymous
                          • fsT
                          • 05 Nov 2013

                          does this phone support 3g

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                            • bkerp
                            • Im{
                            • 26 Oct 2013

                            This phone was good enough for me since it was my first smart phone. Inexpensive and I could finally use apps. I quickly realized its features were lacking. It has no flash so you can't take pictures at night. Internal memory is very limited. Certain apps will only install onto the phone, not the SD card. So you can't use a lot of apps. The phone is sometimes slow.

                            I wished I had spent the extra money for a better phone but since it was my smart phone I was ok with it.

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                              • AnonD-195888
                              • YcR
                              • 13 Oct 2013

                              The phone sucks bigtime. Space is a major issue. I want to get rid of this phone and get another one. I can't even update WhatsApp application, says insufficient memory. I have a SD card of 2GB which is empty. Please dont make the same mistake I did. and if u still want ot buy I will sell mine at a lower price than available in market

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                                • Smartgadgetgirl
                                • IA9
                                • 23 Sep 2013

                                This phone is useless. I will not recommend anybody to buy it regardless of the budget their in. The camera sucks, there is not enough memory on it, there aren't a lot of apps that will download properly and it freezes everyday. Its a cheaper phone for a reason so don't buy it. I've had it for about a year and a half and I am going to buy a windows or galaxy next month.

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                                  • hustin
                                  • jLC
                                  • 29 Aug 2013

                                  I want to active the 3g network on my phone

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                                    • k
                                    • Q$N
                                    • 18 Aug 2013

                                    the space suck on this phone,phone always a crash. a no, no for me

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                                      • Laser
                                      • 0hy
                                      • 09 Aug 2013

                                      I've had this phone for a year. I bought because I was on a budget, and I regret it to this very day. I rely on my phone for just about everything: communication, internet, school, gaming, music, etc. The camera is next-to-useless and some of my little sister's cheap electronic toys have a better microphone. With an antequated version of Android, there are many apps that don't work, and after so having it for such a long time with only 1 kernel update, I doubt they'll ever update the OS. There are also, as mentioned, tons of pre-installed apps that can't be uninstalled. When I connected to Wi-Fi--the range on the receiver is awful at best--they started downloading updates left and right, and before I knew it, the internal memory was full, and there's no way to move preinstalled apps onto the SD card. The screen has a low resolution and poor color quality, but the capacitive glass is just about the only good thing on this phone. The body is of an okay thickness, but the back cover will start sliding off really easily with prolonged use. Gameplay on the phone is terrible. Even simple 2D games have trouble running, so I stick with my iPod Touch for games. Battery life is about average for a smartphone. It'll last longer over Wi-Fi.

                                      Bottom-line, this phone will get the job done, but at the end of the day, it's mediocre, underpowered, and feels like it was never designed to run Android. Now with the Prism II out, there is no reason whatsoever to get this phone.

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                                        • Robskull 10-1
                                        • 0c%
                                        • 17 Jul 2013

                                        Its a pretty good starter phone. But it does have its problems, it comes with a lot of preloaded apps you don't need and can't remove, the camera takes poor pictures, and some apps can't be downloaded since its an old OS. If you can root it and install your own ROM, you can fix all those problems.