T-Mobile Sidekick Slide

T-Mobile Sidekick Slide

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  • Glen2423

la yzt , 18 May 2016where can i find this code ?? I have one the Motorola sidekick slide openline already

  • la yzt

where can i find this code ??

  • Anonymous


  • smiley

Cant get access to internet. Plz help me

  • Brain

I have been using this phone for 2 years now without internet on it

  • AnonD-31330

Amazon has them for $4, as does eBay. It's called a BK70.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-156149, 16 Jun 2013This was a temporary phone for me. I personally hated it. B... moreHow can i unlock it...please it shows '' enter code to enable sim card''.

  • mau

i have this phone since 2009 still in good condition but the battery is hard to find....where can i order or buy this kind of battery i want an original one :)

  • teh

Not entirely sure if anyone still uses this forum or opinions page, but does the messaging have threaded view or old school view? Lol


  • AnonD-156149

This was a temporary phone for me. I personally hated it. But some useful info for those who still have it;

- You cannot access the Internet on the phone without the sidekick data plan from tmobile, which I highly doubt they still offer.
- you cannot use the mp3 songs that you put on the phone as ringtones.
- (Really helpful one) If the phone says "Waiting for Activation", and won't let you use it, simultaneously press and hold the top left menu button and the letter "L", and your problem should be fixed. If not, your sim is not compatible and the phone must be unlocked.


I RELLY like T-Mobile sidekick slide. in fact I love it but the only thin is that I cant access the web and cant use the mp3 as my ring tone

  • so jay

can i put apps on my sidekick slide via usb cable ,cause my internet is not working....any answer i will be glad,buh i hope for positive ones dough

  • AnonD-79139

Can this phone be used in India????

  • prem

komal, 16 Apr 2012automatically my balance is deducting i confirm simcard sto... morehi komal my handset is also having same prblo do you got any solution

  • nayiga

i bought a sidekick t-mobile and i like it very much. a friend of mine got it for me from out. i live in Uganda EastAfrica state. i really what to access internet on this phone but it seems impossible they are telling me to get a T-Mobile card but hear we use different net work. please help me.

  • komal

automatically my balance is deducting i confirm simcard store and also complained registered i got feed back by simcard company ad got feed back automatically internet started it is fauilt t mobile i request you to solve my problem abt my internet

  • Anonymous

Bussy, 24 Sep 2011My t-mobile motorola sidekick slide that brother brought fo... moreIf its that bad then dont by them

  • AnonD-41042

how to unlock my side lock t mobile lx 2009. It is not working plzzzz help me...

  • Anonymous

what about headphones

  • archie

olhuwacoded, 10 Oct 2011hint on how to configure my sidekick slidei want to know what is licence key of t-mobile sidekick slide